Plans and Actions in Progress

California State Parks is currently involved in developing general plans or general plan amendments for existing and new park units. In other units, planning efforts are underway that will include a general plan in the future or a management plan as a result of recommendations in a completed general plan.

Follow the links below for planning information and public meeting notices for each of these parks.

Alameda-Tesla Property Classification and General Plan
Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area General Plan Update
Crystal Cove State Park Natural Resources Management Plan
Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area General Plan/EIR
Mount Tamalpais State Park - East Peak Facilities Management Plan
Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area
Prairie City SVRA Road and Trail Management Plan
Red Rock Canyon State Park General Plan
Santa Monica Mountains NRA Trail Management Plan
Sonoma State Historic Park Facilities Management Plan

For additional information regarding the Department's statewide planning efforts, or to download copies of approved General Plans, visit the General Plans and Management Plans page.