The Department created the Strategic Planning and Recreation Services Division as a result of the Parks Forward and Transformation Team efforts. The SPRS Division provides support for implementing Transformation initiatives, consolidates the Department’s planning functions, oversees system-wide revenue generation and data analysis functions, and manages programs for point of sale, park passes, and reservation services.

The Division consists of three units:

The Innovation, Development, and Implementation Unit supports the Department by developing and implementing Transformation initiatives and pilot projects.  Some of their current projects include developing a mobile app for the public to use while visiting parks, the Relevancy and History project, which works in partnership with UC and CSU systems to develop culturally appropriate programming to engage underserved communities, enhanced planning and procedures for adaptive reuse of underused historic properties, and the Community Liaison Project, which utilizes local volunteers to engage the community with urban parks. 

The Recreation Planning Unit provides planning support services to districts by leading a team of subject matter experts from the district and other divisions through the development of long-term planning documents such as management plans and cornerstone documents.  The unit also houses the GIS enterprise program, which manages the Department’s GIS services and provides data and mapping products for planning and facilities management.  Some of the unit’s current projects include initiating the use of Cornerstone Documents, ongoing development of General Plans, and planning for the development of low-cost coastal accommodations in park units. 

The Revenue Generation and Data Analysis Unit manages the system-wide revenue generation program and analyzes potential future revenue opportunities to maximize revenue within the Department.  The Parks Pass Office is an essential part of this unit, providing a valuable service to the public while generating much needed revenue for the Department.