Año Nuevo State Park General plan

California Coast

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Google Marine Protected Area Tour - California Coast This link is to a virtual GOOGLE tour of the underwater parks located along the Central California coast with information, photos and videos highlighting the activities and features of each MPA. In addition, there are links to local activities for the casual coastal explorere to the region.


Institute of Marine Sciences UC Santa Cruz

Año Nuevo Reserve UC Santa Cruz

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Tracking of Elephant Seals

Seabird conservation and habitat restoration, Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge.

Elephant Seals

Earthguide: Elephant Seals, Diving the Deep

Other Elephant Seal Colonies

Marine Mammal Center

Piedras Blancas Friends of the Elephant Seal

Point Reyes San Francisco Bay Area National Parks Science and Learning

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