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At California State Parks, we are committed to promoting a workforce that values every employee's talent, skills, viewpoints, and background. Whether you're looking to keep our parks and visitors safe as a State Park Peace Officer or Communications Operator, educate the public on the rich histories of California as a State Park Interpreter or State Park Historian, or keep our state parks maintained and operational year-round as a Park Maintenance Worker or State Park Equipment Operator, there are hundreds of career classifications waiting for you to explore today at California State Parks.

Parks Career Resources

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Welcome to the Career Resources page for California State Parks! Here, you will find a variety of resources to help you navigate your career and find employment with our organization. Whether you are just starting out or looking to advance in your current role, we have opportunities for everyone. Explore our job listings, career paths, assessments schedule, and professional development opportunities to take the next step in your career with California State Parks! Explore the Career Resources page.

Featured Opportunities

Whatever your education, experience or training level, CA State Parks offers employment options for everyone! From seasonal positions to full time, in the field or in an office, entry level to executive, high school equivalency to doctoral degree there are plenty of opportunities to choose from! Find a meaningful and rewarding career with impact at CA State Parks!

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About: State Park Rangers and Lifeguards help maintain, interpret, and protect California’s state parks for future generations. State Park Peace Officer (SPPO) Rangers and Lifeguards provide not only public safety law enforcement and aquatic rescue services; they also provide public education through interpretation. State Park Rangers and Lifeguards are trained peace officers with statewide peace officer authority.

Cadet Salary: $4,199 - $5,664 plus benefits

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CA State Park Peace Officer Ranger/Lifeguards PelletB & PATs exams application form

Learn more about our Law Enforcement careers here.

About: Uncover a career pathway that you’ll really dig! Become a State Archeologist and help protect and preserve the cultural, natural, and historical resources of our beautiful California State Parks. Whether you are an Assistant, Associate, or Senior State Archeologist, your archeological and project review skills will provide a direct impact to the preservation of artifacts that are vital to the education of our state’s rich past. Apply now for this exciting and rewarding career opportunity!

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Assistant State Archeologist Assessment
Salary: $3,796 - $4,432 plus benefits

Associate State Archeologist Assessment
Salary: $5,940 - $7,381 plus benefits

Senior State Archeologist Assessment
Salary: $7,290 - $9,062 plus benefits

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California State Parks Archeologists Openings

Learn more about California State Parks Archeologists here.

About: Communications Operators are public safety dispatchers that monitor law enforcement communications systems, answer calls for service, log incidents, and dispatch field units to emergencies.

Salary: $4,508 - $7,023 plus benefits

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Communications Operator Assessment

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Communications Operator openings

Learn more about Communications Operators here.

About: State Park equipment Operators work with bulldozers, road grinders, heavy trucks, loaders, excavators, backhoes, compact loaders, and other types of heavy equipment to help maintain roads, flood control, and even fire prevention. This is an exciting and extremely rewarding career path.

Salary: $5,209 - $5,996 plus benefits

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State Park Equipment Operator

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State Park Equipment Operator openings

Learn more about State Park Equipment Operator here.

About:: Apply for our Museum Technician and the Museum Curator assessments today! The California State Parks are caretakers for over 3,000 historic buildings, more than 11,000 known California Native American ancestral sites, and museums multiple including the California State Railroad Museum, Hearst Castle, and Regional Indian Museums, including the State Indian Museum (transitioning to the California Indian Heritage Center), and we are seeking individuals who are passionate about helping to steward and maintain the California State Parks’ rich and varied collections. The opportunities are endless with entry level to supervisory positions available statewide.

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Museum Technician
Salary: $3,332.00 - $4,714.00 plus benefits

Museum Curator I
Salary:$4,655.00 - $5,757.00 plus benefits

Museum Curator II
Salary:$5,340.00 - $6,629.00 plus benefits

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California State Parks Museum Openings

Learn more about our Cultural Resources Division here.

About: Facilities are a key element in the realization of the Department’s mission. Facilities staff play a vital role to help keep State Parks visitors safe and preserve our natural, cultural and historical resources. Campsites, trails, visitor centers, museums, roads, water systems, restrooms are all essential in meeting the demands of protecting resources, educating the public, and enabling recreation.

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Salary: $3719 - $4,663 plus benefits

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Park Maintenance openings

Learn more about Maintenance Workers here.

About: Park and Recreation Specialists help create new outdoor parks in California communities, develop outdoor recreation programs, and much more. The opportunities are endless with entry level to supervisory positions available statewide.

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Park and Recreation Specialist

Salary: $3,448 - $6,434 plus benefits

Associate Park and Recreation Specialist
 $6,061 - $7,587 plus benefits

Staff Park and Recreation Specialist
 $8,341 - $9,472 plus benefits
Full supervisory

Senior Park and Recreation Specialist
 $8,341 - $9,472 plus benefits
Full supervisory

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Park and Recreation Specialist openings

Learn more about Park and Recreation Specialists here.

About: State Park Interpreters develop interactive educational programs and teach the rich histories of California. From entry-level to management, Interpreters play an essential role in making visitors feel welcome and sharing knowledge through fun activities and educational programming. Opportunities are available statewide..

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State Park Interpreter I
Salary: $4,383 - $5,488 plus benefits

State Park Interpreter II
 $5,028 - $6,296 plus benefits

State Park Interpreter III
 $6,248 - $7,763 plus benefits

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State Park Interpreter openings

Learn more about State Park Interpreters here..

Join the Parks Team

About: California State Parks employs numerous part-time positions for seasonal work. No examination or assessment is needed to apply for seasonal work - apply today!

  • Park Aides
  • Maintenance Aides
  • Seasonal Lifeguards
  • Seasonal Clerks
  • Archaeological Aides
  • Forestry Aides
  • Environmental Services Interns
  • Park Interpretive Specialists
  • Guide Trainees
  • Student and Graduate Assistants

Earn from $16 - $23 per hour

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Seasonal Aide openings

Learn more about Seasonal Aides here.

California State Parks Annual Assessment Plan

When applying for an exciting CA State Parks career, you must first take the assessment associated with the classification in order to be placed on what is called the eligibility list. Your placement on this list will be determined by the score you get. Depending on the assessment you would like to take, they may be offered on a continuous basis or with release and cut off dates. Click below to see all of the assessments we offer. Please note that some of these assessments are administered by CalHR or other state agencies. If you have any questions about a particular assessment, feel free to email to connect with one of our friendly and knowledgeable recruiters.


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Racial Equity Statement:

California's cultural diversity is what places the golden state on the forefront of innovation and progress. Building a workforce as diverse as California is at the center of everything we do. California State Parks fosters a workforce that engages all voices and understands that advancing equity and inclusion throughout our organization is critical to the success of all communities.

By embracing multicultural perspectives, we strive to break down barriers and increase employment opportunities for all Californians, paying keen attention to underrepresented and marginalized groups. We care and are fully aware that there is a much work to be done and are committed to creating a workforce that is as diverse as California.

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California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) Career Center

California State Parks is excited to take part in the first agency-wide collaborative physical career center. The career center is located in the heart of Downtown Sacramento at California State Parks headquarters, the brand new California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) headquarters building. Services provided include one-on-one career consultations, application/resume review, career guidance, mock interviews, and tips for applying. Learn more about this exciting new opportunity!

Days: Open every Tuesday/Thursday Hours: 11 AM to 4 PM

Address: Poppy Pavilion, 715 P Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

CNRA CA Poppy Pavilion

Parks Career Options

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As a premier destination for outdoor recreation and education, we offer a wide range of career opportunities for individuals who are passionate about preserving and protecting our natural and cultural resources. From Interpretation and Education to Recreation, Law Enforcement, Cultural and Natural Resources, Administration, Operations, and Facilities and Maintenance, we have a variety of roles available to fit a range of interests and skills. Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting your career, we encourage you to explore the exciting opportunities available at California State Parks.


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How to start...
Steps to Employment

Welcome! We want to make sure you have the best chance of getting hired at California State Parks, so here are a few steps to follow to ensure your eligibility:

  1. First, create a CalCareers account and search for an assessment that aligns with your interests.
  2. Once you've found an assessment you'd like to take, go ahead and complete it. If you successfully complete the assessment, you will become eligible to apply for any open positions in that classification.
  3. Finally, keep an eye out for job openings that interest you and apply for them through your CalCareers account. Remember, we are here to help you during your journey to employment with California State Parks!

Part-time and seasonal positions do not require you to complete an assessment.

Tip: Stay current with job and assessment opportunities by joining our Parks Jobs Mailing List!

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Parks Recruitment Office (PRO): We are here to assist you with career guidance at California State Parks! If you would like a recruiter to review your resume, help you find more information about a specific career path or assessment, or would like to schedule a one-on-one video/phone chat - reach out to us!

PRO Mission Statement: Engaging with diverse Californians to bridge their dreams and ambition with rewarding careers and uplift communities through people-centered recruitment initiatives.  

PRO Events: Our team is excited to meet you at our statewide recruitment events – see when we’ll be in your area next!

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Questions: Send your questions to the Parks Recruitment Office (PRO):

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