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Archaeology, History and Museums
The Department’s mission clearly defines the responsibility to preserve and protect the state’s most valued cultural resources, both inside and outside of state park boundaries.

Cultural resources include buildings and structures, historic landscapes, archaeological sites, artifacts, and documents that collectively represent California's rich and diverse cultural history.

The preservation of cultural resources within California State Parks from both natural and human effects involves:

• Acquisition and preservation of all types of cultural resources
• Survey, recording, assessment, protection, monitoring and maintenance of archaeological resources
• Recording, condition assessment and development of management plans for historic structures, sites, districts and landscapes
• Cataloging, description, preservation and housing for historical objects
• Administration of documentary materials
• Ensuring compliance with state and federal law and state policy regarding potential imparts on cultural resources
• Development of policy and provision of training necessary to carry out State Parks’ cultural resource mission
• Research, documentation and interpretation of archaeological, ethnographic and historic objects and cultural materials

Preservation of historic resources outside California State Parks includes:
• Review of registration submittals
• Architectural review
• Project evaluation and review
• Interpretation of federal preservation law and policies 
• Grant administration
• Maintain Statewide Cultural Resource Inventory

Careers are available in the following areas:
• Archaeological Sites
• Historic Landscapes
• Historic structures and sites
• Archaeological, ethnographic and historical objects
• Historic transportation vehicles
• Applied, decorative and fine art
• Historic machinery, equipment and technology
• Archival and bibliographic materials

California State Parks is the steward of some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. With the role of stewardship comes the responsibility to protect and, when necessary, restore and maintain these natural systems of state and national significance.

Natural resources within the State Park System and throughout California face a variety of risks:
• Continuous urban development
• The introduction of non-native or exotic plant and animal species
• Loss of critical habitat for rare, threatened, and endangered species
• Interference with natural fire cycles leading to a buildup of fuels that prohibit natural propagation of certain species

Careers are available in the following areas:
• Exotic plant and animal species control and management
• Monitoring of flora and fauna
• Inventory, monitoring and assessment of flora and fauna
• Revegetation of natural communities
• Prescribed fire management
• Ecological investigations and studies

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