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During the peak summer season (Memorial Day through Labor Day), the park seeks thousands of visitors a day. Because of the lake's small size and limited capacity for both boats and vehicles, the park may temporarily close to both boats and vehicles on busy summer days when lots are full. Here is what you need to know about visiting in the summertime.


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  • Parking lots in the summer time can fill up as early as 9am. Be sure to arrive early inorder to secure a parking spot. 
  • Arrive as an entire party in a convoy or limited number of vehicles. Parties who arrive at different times may be separated when parking lots fill up. To avoid being separated from your party, arrive together. 
  • Visitors are allowed to line up outside of the park before the park opens. Visitors must park to the side of Hwy 138 before the off-ramp to Silverwood Lake. Visitors are not allowed to line up on the side of the off-ramp or wait in front of the park entrance gate. Park staff will lead the line into the park once the park opens. 
  • Weekdays are less crowded than weekends/holidays and do not require early entry.


Swimming and Beach Access

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  • Beach space is limited for individuals seeking to set up canopies or beach chairs. Be sure to arrive early to secure the best spot and be mindful of those around you.
  • Park provided canopies and picnic areas are first come, first serve. 
  • Visitors may be forced to park in far corners of the park. Pack your beach goods accordingly, bring waggons and strollers, and prepare to walk far distances to access the beach. Large bbqs and grills are not recommended.


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  • Parking is very limited during busy summer days. Parking lots can fill up as early as 9am on some summer days. Arrive early for the best parking. 
  • Once parking lots at Sawpit Beach are full, visitors are required to park at Cleghorn Beach. Parties who arrive late in the day will be separated if parking is not available at Sawpit Beach. Arrive together to avoid separation. 
  • When parking lots are full, the park closes temporarily for several hours to allow parking lots to open up. Visitors will be unable to come into the park to drop off or load their vehicles during this time. Visitors can follow the park’s social media for updates on when the park reopens on busy days. 
  • Once parking is full within the park, visitors may park outside of the park and walk in. Parking outside the park is limited. Silverwood Lake is not responsible for visitors' property outside of the park. Be mindful of parking signs and do not park in “No Parking” or “Emergency Parking Only” areas.



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  • Silverwood lake only allows 130 boats to launch on any given day. Once the park has reached this capacity, boats are unable to enter the park until a defined number of spaces is once again available. 
  • Boaters who arrive when the park has reached boat closure may wait outside the park for when the park reopens to boats. Boaters can follow the park's social media to receive updates on when the park opens to boats. 
  • Silverwood Lake has one launch ramp and two temporary docks. The launch ramp is most busy in the morning when the park opens and in the evening during sunset. Be mindful of crowds and be prepared for long lines. 
  • Waterways can get congested during busy summer days. Be mindful of boats around you and recreate responsibility.


For live updates on park conditions during the summertime, follow the park’s social media pages.