Vessel Inspection Information

All vessels entering Silverwood Lake SRA are subject to inspection.

All vessels must be clean, drained, and dry prior to entering Silverwood Lake. All vessels will be inspected for Quagga and Zebra mussels. Those vessels that do not pass the inspection will not be allowed to enter the Park. The vessel inspections will consist of the following:

All boaters will be required to fill out a Prior Use Declaration form. This form will help us to screen out vessels at high risk of being contaminated. If your vessel has been used on an infested body of water within the past 7 days, you will not be allowed to launch.

Your vessel will undergo a physical inspection, where we will look for:

Clean - No encrustation of mussels, vegetation, algae, or debris on or in the hull, drive/propulsion unit, trolling motor, and other components of your vessel. This includes your vessel's trailer.

Drained - No standing water in the bilge compartment(s), bait tank(s), live well(s), or ballast tank(s). Your vessel's bilge plug must be removed. You will be asked to lower the outdrive on your vessel to ensure that there is no water in the lower unit. Please note that standing water includes any wash water or rain water that may accumulate in your vessel.

Dry - All dock lines, tow lines, anchor lines, carpet, PFD's, ice-chests, live wells, and other items that may be wet must be dried. The interior and exterior of the vessel must be dry as well. The vessel's drive/propulsion unit, trolling motor, outboard, and any other part of the vessel and trailer must be free of water/moisture.

If your vessel fails the inspection, it will be tagged with a red seal and put on a no-launch list for 7 days. After that 7 day period has passed, you may return and have your vessel reinspected.

If you pass inspection and launch your vessel, you will have the option of having your vessel undergo a post inspection after you are done boating for the day. After the post inspection, a seal will be put on your vessel. If you return to Silverwood Lake or Lake Perris with that seal intact, you will be allowed to by-pass the inspection station.

Your understanding and cooperation with our efforts keep Silverwood Lake free of Quagga and Zebra Mussels is greatly appreciated. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.