School Groups

While Bodie can be a popular destination for school groups, Bodie can be difficult to get to for most of the year and the best season to travel to Bodie is typically June-October. 

School Groups must contact the park prior to a visit to Bodie. Please contact to schedule your school group visit.

All groups are required to meet a state parks employee for a pre-arranged 5-minute Meet & Greet. See below for more details. 

  • Meet & Greets - All school groups should plan on a 5-minute "Meet & Greet" with a parks employee at the parking lot before visiting the town.
    •  Establish rules of the park and expected behaviors.
    •  Orient group to park facilites such as restrooms, drinking fountains, museum and bookstore. 
  • History Talk - This 15-minute talk shares the story of Bodie to help bring the park alive for school groups learning about Bodie and California history. 
  • Stamp Mill Tour - Based on staff availability and seasonal accessibility, school groups can get a private tour of the Standard Stamp Mill. This is a 50-minute long tour of Bodie's last remaining stamp mill and shares how gold and silver was extracted from the rocks mined from underground in Bodie. 

*Groups that are poorly behaved, disruptive, or destructive will be asked to leave the park.