Rules & Regulations

Please help us keep Bodie safe and enjoyable for all by responsibly following park regulations. Failure to follow park regulations may result in citation and/or ejection from the park. 

  • Dogs - Dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a maximum 6-foot leash. Dogs are not permitted in any of Bodie's historic buildings. Vicious or unusually loud dogs are not allowed in the park. Dogs must not be left unattended. 
  • Drones - Unpermitted drone flights are not allowed. Unpermitted drone flights risk damage to park resources, visitor safety, and disturbance of wildlife and other visitors. Permitted drone flights are conducted by or approved by California State Parks for research and special projects and are monitored by State Parks staff for protection of park resources and wildlife. 
  • Camping - There is no camping at Bodie. Contact the U.S. Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management for nearby camping information. 
  • Closed Areas - For public protection, certain unstable sections of the park are posted as prohibited and are closed to entry by park visitors. These areas consist of vertical mine shafts that go as far as 1,200 ft straight down. 
  • Hunting - No hunting is allowed in Bodie or within the Bodie "bowl." Hunters may use the road to drive past Bodie, but please be mindful that weapons are not permitted in State Parks. 
  • Leave it Where You See it- Bodie is kept in a "State of Arrested Decay". The conditions for Bodie to become a state park were that it would be kept as it was received in 1962 - this means that everything is to stay where it is "frozen in time."  Many artifacts can be seen both in and outside buildings, but artifacts that remain outside are at a higher risk of being stolen. It is illegal to take anything from Bodie including, but not limited to, rocks, glass, nails, plants. Anything that is a natural or historical resource of the park helps tell the story of Bodie. Don't be the reason Bodie disappears. 
  • Photography - Any and all commercial photography must recieve an approved permit in advance for any photography/filming on State Parks property. Please contact the park directly to learn more. Unpermitted photography/filming for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  • Smoking - Please don't be the reason Bodie burns down! Fire is a huge concern in California. Smoking of cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigerettes is ONLY allowed in Bodie's parking lot. Please be mindful of embers when disposing of cigarettes or cigars. 
  • Wildlife - While most people come to Bodie to see it's historic buildings, Bodie is also rich in natural resources. Many plants and animals call Bodie home. Please do not feed or disturb wildlife when visiting Bodie.