Help Save Bodie! Rules & Regulations

Don’t be the reason Bodie Disappears

The taking of any natural or historical features from the park is not allowed… in fact is illegal.  State and National parks have laws in place to help protect places of natural, cultural, and historical significance in order to preserve these places for the future. Without these regulations, these places would be at risk of being stripped of the resources that make them special.

As a California State Park, the natural, cultural or historic resources here in Bodie are protected by State law. This means that it is illegal to remove or disturb natural features such as rocks, vegetation, or wildlife here in the park, just as it is illegal to remove or vandalize any of the historic features or artifacts here (broken glass, nails, etc.)

Bodie is special in that many buildings and artifacts were protected from theft and vandalism well into the 20th century leaving us what we have today.

Other nearby mining camps and towns such Aurora and Masonic have very little left due to the amount of theft and vandalism that occurred after these places were abandoned and are an example of what would have been Bodie’s fate had caretakers not ensured this place would be protected for future generations even before it became a California State Park.

When artifacts are removed from the park, a part of Bodie’s story disappears and is stolen from every other person who would have seen that item in the future.

When items are taken and later sent back to the park, it is often difficult to prove the item came from Bodie and the item may never truly be returned to Bodie or the location it came from. Processing these returned artifacts is also time-consuming for staff and takes away from other work that needs to be done.

It is important for visitors to remember that Bodie is a giant outdoor museum. It would be impossible to put every artifact outside inside a museum and it would also take away from the experience of walking around and seeing what is here. Not to mention, the museum is only open for part of the year.  

We also ask that you don’t pick up items and move them around the park. Please leave everything where you see it. Take pictures and leave behind what is here to continue to tell Bodie’s story well into the future.