Special Event Permits

Thank you for your interest in the special events program with the North Coast Redwoods District of CA State Parks. Our district offers a variety of unique event locations and venues which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The following information is provided to assist you with planning your event.

“Special Events” include all activities beyond the normal scope of regular park visitation and require special event permits. Activities that would require a Special Event Permit include, but are not limited to:

  • Weddings

  • Commercial filming or commercial photography (including student films and/or photography)

  • Use of amplified music or PA systems

  • Bands or DJs

  • Food trucks or catering companies

  • Large tents (20’x20’ and larger) / marquees

  • Ticketed events (races, music festivals)

  • Sporting events or competitions

  • Any other miscellaneous large, organized events

Permit applications may be submitted up to six (6) months in advance of the event date. A State Parks special event permit and liability insurance certification is required for all special events. Photography and film permits are coordinated under a separate process. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Special Event Fees and Process:

A completed Special Event Permit, Certificate of General Liability Insurance, and non-refundable $200 fee must be received by the park for the permit to be processed.

For events that require exclusive use areas, impact normal park use, have alcohol served, or other events as determined by the activities described by the applicant, an additional activity fee will be assessed. Activity fee amounts vary depending on the event type, location, size, number of participants, duration, staffing needs, and resource impacts.

Special Event Permits must be submitted at least 30 days in advance. Permits submitted less than 30 days in advanced are charged an additional $100 for the permit fee or may not be processed or permitted. Special Event Permits will not be accepted within 14 days of the event. Only one event date is allowed per permit.

Items to be submitted:

  1. Special Event Permit Application (DPR246)

  2. Special Event Permit Application Supplement (DPR246A)

  3. Certificate of General Liability Insurance (DPR169A)

  4. $200 payment made payable to the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation via check or Money Order.

For questions, please contact the Permit Coordinator by email at NCRD.Permits@parks.ca.gov or call 707-572-9626

Applications may be submitted via email, U.S. mail, or dropped off in person:

Email: NCRD.Permits@parks.ca.gov

Mail to: North Coast Redwoods District
Attn: Permit Coordinator
P.O. Box 2006
Eureka, CA 95502

Drop Off:

California State Parks North Coast Redwoods District Office
3431 Fort Ave
Eureka, CA 95503


To request the spreading of human cremains within the park: please contact the permit coordinator by email at NCRD.Permits@parks.ca.gov or call 707-572-9626


The North Coast Redwoods offers spectacular scenery, making it a popular place to film still shoots, commercials, movies, and other videos. State Parks is an ideal setting for filming and still photography. A variety of filming locations are available throughout the park.

A California State Parks Film Commission Permit is required. The California Film Commission (CFC) works in conjunction with Parks to permit these activities.

Parks charge reimbursement fees in order to accommodate filming and to offset personnel costs. These fees are collected and returned to Parks by the CFC. The CFC provides its services, the location, and the permit at no cost. See ADDITIONAL INFORMATION at the bottom of this page to learn more.


Drones use is prohibited within all parks in the North Coast Redwoods District without permission and an approved permit. If you apply for a permit to film using a drone in the park, the following are required to be submitted to both the California Film Commission and California State Parks:

FAA Remote Pilot certificate / license

UAS Registration certificate

Copy of your CFC UAS Questionnaire

Flight plan (location/groves identified with map)

This link, https://arcg.is/afC4K, can be used to submit a flight plan for review by North Coast Redwoods District Staff at the park level. Based on the proposed flight plan, you may be required to submit additional documentation for approval.


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