Thank you for your interest in having your special event at one of the California State Parks found throughout the North Coast Redwoods District. Throughout our 27 park units, the geography of the North Coast Redwoods offers a variety of unique event venues, including old growth coastal redwood forests, sandy beaches, ocean vistas, grass covered prairies, and fern covered canyons.

Please note that all the locations in the park are outdoors and rustic. Events in our parks are suitable for those wishing to have events in a natural setting without access to many modern amenities. Because of the rustic nature of many park locations, we highly recommend visiting the park and location(s) you are interested in reserving for your event prior to applying for a Special Event Permit. Please also visit and type in the park unit to obtain additional detailed information regarding the available venues.

Includes all activities beyond the normal scope of park visitor use which could impact public access or enjoyment, and activities which create a greater potential for hazard and liability to the state than incurred through typical operations. The Special Event Permit must be in accordance with State Park rules and regulations. (California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Section 4301(j)). Permits are required for any activity within the State Park System which meet any of the following criteria:

  1. Fees are charged by the event sponsor beyond the regular State Park Facility use fees

  2. When the department has determined the event will create a greater potential hazard or liability to the State than incurred through typical operations.

  3. When the activity includes the exclusive use of an area within the park.

  4. When the activity interferes significantly with the public’s use of an area.

  5. When additional staffing or staff time is required.

  6. Where items or services are sold.

Non-Refundable Filing Fee: Paid with your completed application.

  • $200 Non-refundable fee must be paid 30 days prior to the event date –or-
  • A $100 Non-refundable Rush fee if the filing fee is received by the special events office less than thirty (30) days prior to the event. All rush permit fees must be paid in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. Special Event Permits will not be accepted 14 days or fewer to the event date.

**Special Event fees will be determined by State Park staff based on the type of event and/or amount of people attending**

 Special Event Fees

Late Filing Fee (If less than 30 days to event date)


Regular permit for up to 50 people


Regular permit for 51-100 people

Regular permit for 101-150 people



Major Event Permit for more than 150 people


Alcohol use up to 50 people

Alcohol use 51-100 people

Alcohol use 101-150 people




Ranger Monitoring Fee

$105.00 per hour

Lifeguard Monitoring Fee

$39.00 per hour

Facilities Maintenance Fee


Trails/Roads Maintenance Fee


An additional location fee is required for the following premier event locations due to increased impacts to regular park visitors.

Redwood Coast Sector Premier Event Locations

Wedding Rock – Sue-meg State Park


Campfire Center – Sue-meg State Park


Eel River Sector Premier Event Locations

Williams Grove Day Use – Humboldt Redwoods SP


Insurance is required when a commercial vendor, caterer, event planner, etc. is involved in your event, or the event and its specific details pose a greater risk to the environment or persons involved in the event. Generally, weddings require insurance when “out of the ordinary” park activities are to take place, i.e. band, DJ, catering, tent set up, etc.

If proof of insurance is required, please contact a qualified insurance company for the insurance policy; your current renters or homeowners’ insurance provider is a good place to start.

The Certificate of Insurance must be received at least sixty (60) days in advance of the event. The State Of California requires the following regarding liability insurance:

  1. Must be on an ACORD25 form.

  2. The name of the permittee must be the same of the insured.

  3. The Certificate Holder must be listed as:
    The State of California
    P.O. Box 942896
    Sacramento, CA 94296-0001

  4. The Special Endorsement MUST Read:
    The State of California, its officers, employees, and servants are included as additional insured, but only with respect to work performed for the State of California under this contract.\
    The certificate holder is added as an additional insured, but only with respect to the liability arising out of the operations of the insured named above.

  5. The Insurance Requirement Amount must be a combined single limit (CSL) $1,000,000per occurrence.

  6. Host Liquor Liability (and an ABC permit) is required for any events where alcohol is being sold.

  7. Location address is: 3431 Fort Ave, Eureka CA 95503. Do not list this location or park as the certificate holder.

Please note: If any of the above information from lines 1-6 is missing or if any additional names and/or verbiage is added to the Certificate Holder or Special Endorsement, the certificate will not be accepted and will be returned to the applicant for correction.

  • To start the permitting process, the production company must create an application through the California Film Commission online. The CFC’s website, has a State Permits tab that contains information about filming including insurance coverage, FAQ’s, basic Parks fees and the on-line filming permit system.

  • The application from the production company will then go to the CFC. The CFC refers them to the Park representative in charge of film permits and provides them a contact name, email address and phone number for this representative. Once the application is reviewed by the CFC, a copy is emailed to the Park. Parks determines which fees and reimbursements to charge and notifies the CFC with fee details.

  • The CFC finalizes the permit and creates an invoice based on the fees assigned by the Park. The CFC collects the fees and issues the final permit. A copy of both is forwarded to the Park and to the accounting office for Parks.

All park rules and regulations must be observed. Information on some of the park rules and regulations are listed below. Complete rules and regulations can be obtained on the California State Park website at under the specific park unit.

  • Special Events are permitted during day-use hours only unless overnight camping has been arranged in your permit, from a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after Sunset, unless otherwise noted.

  • Special Events are NOT permitted on holidays or holiday weekends.

  • The Special Event Filing Fee is non-refundable.

  • Cashier’s checks, company checks, and personal checks are accepted. No credit cards.

  • The permittee is responsible for knowing the specific times for their event and to adhere to said times.

  • The number of Special Events in any given area will vary and is determined by State Park Staff.

  • An event is not placed on the calendar nor is a date held until after the Special Event Coordinator has received approval from the supervising ranger.

**Should any person involved in the special event be detained, cited, or arrested by State Park law enforcement personnel for violation of any of these conditions or other unlawful behavior, the event may be cancelled as a result and the applicant will forfeit of all fees and/or deposits.**

In the event the applicant decides to cancel the event, and it is at least 15 days prior to the scheduled event date, then all fees except the permit fee will be refunded. If notification of cancellation is less than 15 days of the event date, then half of the special event fee will refunded. Refunds are not available for events cancelled due to inclement weather. If inclement weather does affect the event, a reasonable accommodation to swap to a different day may be determined by the special event coordinator.

If your event is approved for the use of alcohol, you will be required to pay an additional alcohol fee ranging from $50 to $150 depending on the number of participants.

Events where alcohol will be provided and/or consumed may require an SPPO Ranger Monitor. If the need for a monitor is determined, the permittee will be responsible to pay for an 8 hour shift.

  • Beer or wine only. Spirits or hard liquor are not permitted.

  • Only persons over twenty-one (21) years of age may possess or consume alcohol.

  • The permittee is responsible for compliance with California Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) regulations.

  • All alcohol service/consumption must end one (1) hour prior to the end of the event.

  • An ABC permit is required for all events where alcohol is served by an outside vendor, caterer, or bartender.

  • Permittees may be required to submit a written proposal of the exact quantity of alcoholic beverages that will be at the event with a plan to limit overconsumption.
  • California State Parks is committed to maintaining the delicate and natural ecosystem of the North Coast Redwoods District. Be aware that some natural “hazards” exist in the park, such as poison oak, wasps and bees, falling branches, gopher holes, unstable cliffs, etc. Stay on designated trails and areas open to the public to minimize exposure.

  • Littering is NOT permitted. Littering includes leaving, depositing, or scattering flower petals, rice, seeds, ashes, confetti, or any other litter in a unit except in a receptacle designed for that purpose. Littering will result in the cancellation of events and citations to the event permit holder.

  •  All events are required to pack their trash and leave no trace on site. Non-compliance will result in cancellation of the event and citation to the event permit holder.

  • The Keep it Crumb Clean Program and other policies which prohibit the intentional and unintentional feeding of animals must be adhered to.

  • No altering the environment in any way. No digging or cutting of any shrubs, vegetation, and/or trees.

  • Wood gathering and/or flower picking/gathering is NOT permitted.

  • No outside plants/soil may be brought into the park.

  • The releasing of birds, butterflies, or balloons is NOT permitted.

  • Fireworks of any kind, including “sparklers,” are NOT permitted.

  • Generator hours are from 10:00am-8:00pm daily.

  • Park general quiet hours are from 10:00pm-6:00am daily.

  • Use of drones or model aircraft is not permitted unless approved as part of the special event permit and the flight path has been approved by North Coast Redwoods District staff.
  • Ground staking, fasteners such as staples, nails, and screws are strictly prohibited. Signage must be A-frame/Sandwich board style.
  • No spray paint or chalk used on roads or trails.

  • Tiki torches are not allowed.

  • Outside plants and soil must be approved ahead of time by environmental staff.

  • Balloons, rice, bird seed, flower petals, confetti, live animal releases, floating/wishing lanterns, and fireworks are all STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

  • Large decorations such as arches, must be approved prior to the event.
  • Proposed signage should be preapproved on the permit.

  • The sign must be completely free standing, such as sandwich-board style, and may not be affixed or attached in any way to any park structures, fences, benches, plants, or trees, nor may the sign(s) be driven or staked in the ground. Weighing down with sand bags, etc is fine.

  • The sign may not block trails, trail heads, roads, buildings, nor hinder any vehicles or public access.

  • The sign must be removed from the park by the permittee upon completion of the event.

  • Chalk, chalk paint, paint, flour, ribbons, and zip ties are not permitted.
  • Electricity is generally not provided by the park, however group campsites and campfire centers do have electrical outlets. Please ask in advance.

  • Gas and electric grills are allowed unless a high fire warning has been alerted. • Bug zappers are not allowed.

  • If generators are needed they must be brought in by permittee at the permittee’s expense and approved in the permit. {If generators are allowed, you must have generators kept in a tray capable of capturing any fuel leakage and while running, produce noise at 80 dB or below}
  • No fireworks or sparklers are allowed.

  • Gas and electric grills are allowed unless a high fire warning has been alerted.

  • Portable fire pits are not allowed.

  • Portable heaters are not allowed.

  • Tiki torches are not allowed.

  • Fires are allowed only in State Park/Beach fire rings
  • All animals cannot be turned loose in any park unit.

  • Visitors with animals that disturb the peace, or animals that are vicious, dangerous, noisy, or disturbing animals will be ejected from park units.

  • Dog policy varies from park to park. Please look up specific park rules

  • Dogs must be on a tended leash no more than 6 feet.

  • Pets may not be left in vehicles unattended.

  • Dogs may not be confined in an enclosed vehicle, tent, or pen.
  • Park entrance fees for day-use are charged for all entrants including caterers and rental companies.

  • Approved permits do not guarantee parking will be available. All parking spaces are on a first come first serve basis for ALL park visitors. We do not allow spaces to be held or saved unless for State Park Vehicles. No event shall take up more that 20% of the State Park parking lot spaces.

  • Parking is not included in a Special Event Permit.
  • In general, no vehicles are permitted off-road, on beaches, paved paths, or in picnic areas unless specifically authorized by the permit terms and conditions.

  • Segways, scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, are PROHIBITED unless specifically authorized by the permit terms and conditions

Amplified sound, including bullhorns, DJs, and live bands are generally prohibited. Acoustic music, limited duration public address systems, and background ceremonial type music may be considered on a case-by-case basis. State Parks reserves the right to terminate sound which is determined by the event monitor or Park staff to be excessive or detracting from the experience of other park visitors.


  • The sale and/or distribution of food, beverages, and merchandise are prohibited unless specifically authorized by the permit terms and conditions.

  • Any vendors arriving prior the allotted permit time will not be admitted to the park.

  • The permittee is responsible for the conduct of their vendors during their Special Event.

  • A copy of all contracts/agreements with outside vendors (event planners/food trucks/caterers/photographers/etc.) must be provided 30 days prior to the event date. A vendor event fee of each contracted service may apply.

  • All permit applications must include the name of the applicant, organization or business. If the permit is coordinated by an event planner or catering service, the permit application and a copy of the contract must be provided a minimum of 30 days prior to the event or the reservation date will be cancelled and all non-refundable fees paid to date forfeited. If applicant claims services or goods are being provided at a reduced or zero value, the State will assess a fair market value for such goods and services to the permit fees.

  • For events with more than 50 people, vendor/caterer or permittee must remove all garbage and recycling created by the event.
  • For free bus and or vehicle parking, all school groups must schedule an interpretive talk through the Interpretive Staff of the park unit they wish to attend. Failure to schedule with park staff will result in full parking fees upon entry of the park unit if the requested location is currently available to host a school group.
  • For all events that will need of a lifeguard, please coordinate with the North Coast Redwoods Special Event Coordinator to inquire about scheduling lifeguard staff. If you are also inquiring to reserve a specific park venue location full special event fees will be applied as well.

  • If hiring a lifeguard (LG), additional fees will apply. Specify how many LG’s & for what time frame you are requesting.

  • All lifeguard shifts are a minimum of 4 hours which includes a minimum of 1 hour travel time. {If the school group is looking for parking passes, please see above “SCHOOL GROUPS”}
  • Special Event permits at the beaches do not give exclusive rights to specific sand areas on the State Beach. It is your responsibility to occupy the area you choose for your event.

  • A lifeguard monitor may be needed for events involving water activities; the monitor’s fee will be at the expense of the permittee.
  • Major events must be planned at least 6 months in advance and event planners should coordinate all aspects of these events with State Parks staff.

  • Park rules and regulations and other applicable laws are strictly enforced. Additional permits from other governmental agencies such as City, County, CHP, CalTrans, ABC, and the California Coastal Commission, may be required for certain events and are the sole responsibility of the applicant.

  • A detailed map of the event (i.e. trails etc.) will need to be submitted prior to approval of the event.

  • A traffic plan and map will need to be submitted.

  • Traffic control personnel and/or extra security may need to be hired at the expense of the permittee.

  • Depending on the event, an EMS (emergency medical services) or EMS unit may be required at the expense of the permittee.

  • ADA compliancy for large scale events including a sign language interpreter for performance events may be required.

  • Depending on the size and scale of the event, additional porta-potties may be required. State Parks recommends one (1) porta pottie for every 50 to 100 patrons

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance is required.

  • Emergency Action Plan required