Keep Wildlife Wild At Oceano Dunes District

Clipart Keep Wildlife Wild logo images of marine and terrestrial animals and habitats

When visiting you can help protect and respect wildlife habitats through proper wildlife vieiwng etiquette, and knowing safe ways to view wildlife.  Grab your gear and set out on an adventure and become a park steward and help Keep Wildlife Wild!

   Nature Guide Tips to Keeping Wildlife Wild 

Nature Guide Badge to Viewing Nature Clipart image binoculars


Zoom In- Capture close up views of wildlife from a distance using binoculars, spotting scopes, or even the zoom function on a camera.  Remember to admire from afar when viewing wildlife. 


Nature Guide Badge to Leaving No Trace Clipart Image Boot print

Pack It In Pack It Out- Leave only footprints behind and remember to pick up and take out your trash when visiting nature. Don't trash an animals home. 


Nature Guide Badge to Being Prepared Clipart image compass


Arrive Prepared- Bring water, maps, field guides, know your routes and trails, and always dress for conditions. 


Nature Guide to Fire Safety Clipart image campfire


Drown It Out- Burn it out, drown it out with water, and never bury a fire.


Nature Guide To Keeping To Yourself Clipart Image Tree


Respect The Space- Never get too close to wildlife.  A good rule of thumb is when wildlife notices you, you are too close. And remember stay the course by never going off trail.


Nature Guide Badge to Keeping To Yourself Clipart Hikers

Keep to Yourself- Keep hands and snacks to yourself.  Getting too close to wildlife to feed or touch can become a dangerous situation. 


Which picture shows proper wildlife viewing etiquette?

Young child looking through binoculars pointing in nature





   Thumbs up clipart  Perfect From Afar

Viewing wildlife from a distance respects an animals space and keeps you safe.

Hand feeding squirrel food in nature





   Thumbs down clipart  Too Close Back Away

Animals have specialized diets and eating the wrong foods like human foods can make them sick or malnourished. Also, animals who are continually fed can lose their fear of humans and can become aggressive.

                                         Take the Pledge                                                   

Keep Wildlife Wild Pledge graphic stating As I explore nature  I promise to  keep wildlife wild by...  letting all things   in nature  stay in nature, Never leaving behind my trash, And always Observe wildlife  from a safe and respectful distance.