Training Section Information

Staff Contacts

Training Section Staff

Debbie L. Morse Training Section Chief
Eric Marks Leadership and Staff Development Manager
Vernon Reyes Instructional Designer
Bob Waller Training Specialist (e-Learning)
Samantha Guida Assistant Program Coordinator
Daniel Cohen Training Consultant
Ann D. Slaughter Mott Training Center Manager
Sara M. Skinner Training Specialist (Natural/Cultural Resources, Interpretation & Education)
Ricky Roldan Training Specialist (Maintenance and Trails)
Jack Futoran EMS and Lifeguard Training Coordinator
Joel Dinnauer Training Specialist (EMS and Firearms)
Ennio Rocca Training Specialist (EMS)
Jason Smith Academy Director
Jeremy Alling Academy Coordinator
Jamie Stamps Cadet Training Officer
Lindsey Phillips Cadet Training Officer
Kirk Coon Cadet Training Officer
Taylor Monson Assistant Program Coordinator
Kristina Sutton Assistant Program Coordinator
TBA Academy Analyst

Directions to Main Training Venues

Mott Training Center

McClellan Training Center