Training Section Contact List

The Training Section Staff welcomes your inquiries and comments regarding the California State Parks training and employee development program. To send an email to any staff member, just click on their name.

Debbie Morse Training Section Chief


Academy Team

Jason Smith Academy Director
Jeremy Alling Academy Coordinator
Kirk Coon Cadet Training Officer
Lindsey Phillips Cadet Training Officer
Jamie Stamps Cadet Training Officer
Lisa Fleming Academy Analyst

Aquatics and EMS Team

Joel Dinnauer Aquatics and EMS Training Manager
Ennio Rocca Training Supervisor - Aquatics/EMS
Shane Scoggins Training Specialist - Firearms/DT/Use of Force/LGT
Drasko Bogdanovic Program Assistant
Nick Tuttle Program Assistant
Jonathan Moreno  Assistant Program Coordinator

Mott Training Center Team

Ann Slaughter Mott Training Center Manager
Sara M.S. Marshall Training Specialist-Natural/Cultural Resources and Interpretation, FOCUS and Aspire Team
Taylor Monson Assistant Program Coordinator
Kat Ventura Assistant Program Coordinator
Casey Wear Contract Analyst
Ricky Roldan Maintenance and Facilities Training Program Supervisor
Chazz Patacsil Assistant Program Coordinator

McClellan Team

Eric Marks Training Section Assistant Chief
Daniel Cohen Instructional Designer
Bob Waller eLearning and Training Lead
Jason Summers Project Specialist
Sam Guida Training Specialist
Vernon Reyes Instructional Designer
Zach Sandoval Assistant Program Coordinator
Madison Hatfield Student Assistant
Sahra Mateen Student Assistant
Kaitlyn Powers Student Assistant
Dylan Singh Student Assistant

Retired Annuitants

Kevin Forrester Retired Annuitant
Kenneth Kramer Diving Safety Officer
Daniel Raducanu Retired Annuitant
Bede Sanford Retired Annuitant