Why did State Parks develop this Strategy?

Many coastal units of the State Park System already experience impacts like coastal erosion and flooding during high water events, such as during high tides or winter storms. These impacts are expected to increase as sea levels continue to rise. State Parks developed the Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy (Strategy) to provide an internal framework to proactively address the impacts of sea level rise in coastal state park units.

Is the Strategy a planning document?

No, the Strategy is not a planning document because it does not outline any specific actions to be taken at any one particular coastal unit or district of the State Park System. It instead outlines an internal framework for how to incorporate sea level rise considerations into projects and plans along the coast.

What are the proposed changes in this Strategy?

In brief, the Strategy outlines key steps to be taken by State Parks to update existing internal planning processes to ensure that sea level rise will be better incorporated into projects and plans on the coast. Some examples of how this will be done include: updating policies, inventorying coastal assets, developing guidance on best management practices, and providing internal training on sea level rise and coastal adaptation.

Is the work outlined in this Strategy funded?

Currently the proposed work outlined in the Strategy does not have a dedicated funding source.

Will this Strategy affect a coastal park near me?

This Strategy will not directly impact the coastal park near you. It is a high-level framework document that recommends the development of new policies and guidance on how to better build sea level rise adaptation into the management of coastal park units.

How can we submit comments on the Strategy?

The Strategy has a built-in six-year evaluate and update cycle. The current goal, pending funding and capacity, is to evaluate and update the Strategy in 2027. State Parks is not currently incorporating any comments into the Strategy, however, comments will be recorded and considered for future updates. Please submit any comments to: Coastal.Programs@parks.ca.gov.

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