Resilient Future for Coastal State Parks

Image of Cardiff State Beach Surfers

In response to sea level rise, associated changes to the coastal landscape, as well as evolving science and state policy, California State Parks developed a Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy to provide a framework to address the impacts of sea level rise in coastal state park units. The Strategy is designed to address the unique resources and needs of State Parks in a holistic manner.  CLICK HERE to download the Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy.

Read SLR StrategyThe Strategy is a comprehensive roadmap that builds an agile response to sea level rise across the State Park System. It does so by integrating the various asset and resource conservation functions within state parks, including:

  • Planning
  • Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Natural Resources
  • Historical and Cultural Resources
  • Interpretation and Education
  • Access and Recreation

Our Strategy will:

  1. Support continued access and recreational opportunities along California’s coastline while preserving our state’s coastal natural and cultural resources
  2. Build resilience to sea level rise and extreme event impacts at coastal parks
  3. Provide State Parks staff with the guidance and tools necessary to integrate sea level rise adaptation into existing park operations

Click to read a fact sheet about State Parks’ Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy

Our Approach

State Parks aims to address the challenge of rising seas using a proactive approach consistent with existing operational procedures and aligned with the latest statewide policy and science. This approach uses principles to guide all of State Parks’ future endeavors related to sea level rise; these principles are cross-functional and serve to align actions internally. The approach also promotes increased integration of multidisciplinary objectives during project and plan development, as well as the development of decision support tools to assist staff in building best practices into future operations at coastal park units.

Click Here to view FAQs about the Strategy.

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