July 1, 2022, Grant Announcement: Press Release

The application period has concluded and no additional funding is available through this program.


Locally-Operated State Parks Program (LOSPP) competitive grants will fund renovation of aging infrastructure in urgent need of repair within a locally-operated unit of the California State Park system. 

This program is funded by Proposition 68 (2018 Bond Act) and is found in Public Resources Code §80073(a).


Eligible Applicants

The applicant must be a:

  • Local public agency such as a city, county, or local district


  • Currently operating a unit of the State Park system. 


Eligible Projects

Renovation of existing recreation features and major support amenities in need of repair.

  • The project must repair existing infrastructure only.  
  • New structures/facilities are ineligible.


Total Amount Available for Competitive Grants



Application Guide 

Locally Operated State Parks Program Application Final Guide Thumbnail

Applicants used this guide to plan the Locally Operated State Park Program application.  A recording of the Application Workshop webinar is below. 

Application Workshop Webinar Recording

Application Due Date was August 31, 2021




Administration Guide:

Grant Administration Guide Competitive Grant Programs Thumbnail  

Administration Guide (September 2020) 

The Administration Guide will be used for grant projects that are selected for funding when grant awards are announced.  It includes a sample grant agreement, the payment process, and accounting/record keeping requirements.



Technical Assistance Documents 


Technical Assistance Contacts

For technical assistance, now that applications have been selected for funding, applicants are encouraged to send questions to the "Grant Administration (Post Award) Project Officer" based on the county where the project is located:  List of Grant Administrative Project Officers by County