LWCF Grant Administration

LWCF Grant Administration

Questions about the administration process can be directed to your administrative OGALS Project Officer.

LWCF Grant Administration Guide,  Draft - August 2021 (1/25/19) (9/16/19)  PDF


LWCF Payment Request Form (PDF: Front, Fill and Print, and Back - Instructions)

Grant Expenditure Form 

Equipment Costs Summary Form (if applicable)

Labor Cost Summary Form (if applicable)

Photos of construction progress if there are construction costs on the Grant Expenditure Form

Project Completion Certification Form (final payment only)

Sample LWCF Boundary Map and Instructions (if revised from original submitted)


LWCF Sign Guidelines:

A sign acknowledging the Land and Water Conservation Fund program as a funding source must be installed upon project completion and must remain in place in perpetuity.  Additionally, if the total project cost is $500,000 or more, a sign must be installed during the construction phase as well.  If appropriate, the same sign may be used both during construction and post completion.  See LWCF Administration Guide for sign requirements.