LWCF Application Process

The application deadline waFebruary 1, 2022 before 5:00 p.m.

Up to $45 Million in grant requests will be selected from the competitive February 1, 2022 application cycle.  These selections will be funded from 2021-2022 local agency allocations, and approximately $15 million ahead of Federal Fiscal Year 2023 Regular Apportionment, or State Reapportionment Account funds.  Selecting ahead enables the applications to proceed with a 1-2 year Section 106, NEPA, and National Park Service review process, so that federal funding may be obligated on schedule.

Use this link to submit applications:


Questions about the competitive process can be directed to your competitive OGALS Project Officer.

The 2020 Application Guide will be used for this application cycle.  PDF / DOCX

Please view our Application Workshop Recording for additional technical assistance.

Application Requirements:

Local Agency Competitive Program:
  1. Application Form for Local Agency Competitive Program (Revised September 2021)  
  2. Resolution for Local Agency Competitive Program
State Agency Pro Rata Competitive Funds:
  1. Application Form for State Agency Pro Rata Competitive Program (Revised September 2021)
  2. Certification Letter Template - State Agencies Only  
All Applicants:
  1. Application Eligibility Chart (Revised September 2021)
  2. Grant Scope-Cost Estimate Form (Revised September 2021)
  3. Pre-Award Planning Costs Form (Revised September 2021)
  4. Funding Sources Form (Revised September 2021)
  5. CEQA Compliance Certification Form (Revised September 2021)
  6. Application and Revision Form (A&R), replaces the prior Proposal Description-Environmental Screening Form (PD/ESF).  The new A&R Form must be used for this cycle.  Contact your competitive OGALS Project Officer to obtain a form by email.
  7. Federal Categorical Exclusions Resource (Revised September 2021)
  8. Detailed Budget Narrative (NEW – Checklist Item #21)
  9. LWCF Boundary Map Instructions and Sample (Revised September 2021)
  10. Rate of Reimbursement, Match, and Grant Request Range Guidance

The Community FactFinder Tool and Park Access Tool are both located on the Parks for All Californians webpage.

Section 106 Process:  Not required at the time of application.

Section 106 will only be required after an application is selected for funding.  OGALS will inform which applicants should start the Section 106 process after an application is selected for funding.

Section 106 Tutorial Video

Section 106 Instructions

Interested in how California’s LWCF Apportionment is Divided?  

NPS gives states an annual apportionment, determined by Congress.  California’s funds are further divided by Public Resources Code §5099.12.  The diagram below show an example of how an annual apportionment is separated.

LWCF Flow Chart


State Parks has administered LWCF since 1965.  State Parks monitors more than 1,550 LWCF sites that require compliance inspections every 5 years, in perpetuity.  For a list of previously funded LWCF grants, visit the LWCF homepage.

Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program (ORLP) 

ORLP is a National competitive grant program under the LWCF program, to create new outdoor recreation opportunities in densely populated urban areas.  For more information on ORLP, please visit Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership (ORLP) Program.