Registration will open on Wednesday April 24th at 10:00 am.


You may only participate in one session due to the popularity of the program.

 JUNIOR GUARDS- must be at least 9 years of age by the first day of the session.

 ASSISTANTS-  must be 15 years of age and have participated in our Carlsbad Junior Lifeguard Program.

When registering, make sure you select the right session Junior Guard vs Assistant 

 Returning Carlsbad Junior Lifeguards already have an account set up. 
If you have ever used Reserve California to make any reservation you have an account.
You will need to add your children to your account to register for Junior Guards. 
"NEW" Carlsbad Junior Lifeguards must pass a swim test.
You may register to save a spot before you take the swim test.
If your child does not pass, you will be issued a full refund.

Creating your account on

Login, Create New Account and Setting Up Your Dependents on

Step 1: Login or create your NEW account by selecting the "LOGIN IN" or "CREATE ACCOUNT" button on the top menu.

Step 2: Once you are logged in, navigate to "YOUR ACCOUNT" on the top menu. A drop will display. Select "YOUR DEPENDENTS".

Step 3: A page titled "Persons" should appear. There will be a button that says "Add Person".  Click on this button to launch the "Add New Person" page.

Step 4: On the "Add New Person" page. Populate the following fields with the information about the dependent you are setting up:
          . First Name
          . Last Name
          . Birthdate- Is necessary for to validate that your dependent meets the age requirements for enrollment
          . Relationship- Use drop down to select "Child"

Step 5: Once you are done entering the above information, select "Add Dependent" and you will then be brought to the previous page. Your new dependent should be listed.  You can continue to add dependents to your account. If registration is open, proceed to enroll your dependent(s) into the Junior Lifeguard Program.

There are 2 options to register.

1) Go to Session Dates/Cost/Refund Policy page and click on the link for the session you would like to register for.

2) Go to and follow the directions below

 NOTE- You will not see Carlsbad listed till registration opens.

You may only register your child under your account. Please do not register your friends. They will not receive emails and it creates emergency contact issues.


.  Please do not fill out "SEARCH TEXT" It will not let you go through.

Click on "Category's". Then you will select (Junior Lifeguards).

Click on "Place" and select (Carlsbad SB).

 Click on "Choose Date", you should've already written down the dates from our website. Dates are on the"Session Dates" page.

It will show the Session's available within the date you provided.

Click on the Session you wish to sign up for.

 Under "Select", will be a sign up button.


 Contact information 760 479-2000

Disreguards the contact information below.