Folsom Lake SRA - Road and Trail Management Plan

Currently, a Road and Trail Management Plan (RTMP) is being developed for Folsom Lake State Recreation Area (SRA). The need for a RTMP was identified in the Folsom Lake SRA General Plan/Resource Management Plan, which was approved in October 2009.  Folsom Lake SRA has over 110 miles of system trails and many miles of non-system trails.  The RTMP will follow the broad programmatic goals and guidelines in the unit's General Plan.

The purpose of a RTMP is to provide specific and detailed management direction for roads and trails to help guide the operation, maintenance and development of the road and trail system on the park unit. The RTMP will: identify new trail routes to be developed; make decisions regarding whether to keep and adopt, eliminate or re-align non-system (user-created) trails; prioritize maintenance needs; make recommendations on changes-in-use designations for specific trails; and identify educational and interpretative needs of the road and trail system.

Data Collection

The first stage of the planning process is to develop an inventory of the road and trail system, including the types of permitted uses and the features and conditions of each road and trail. This information is then used to evaluate road and trail conditions and associated effects to natural and cultural resources.  A variety of documents is developed to describe and illustrate these inventories and assessments, which can be viewed via the links below.

Folsom Lake SRA -West Shore, Beals, Granite Bay Areas
Folsom Lake SRA_- North Fork Area
Folsom Lake SRA - East Shore Area
Folsom Lake SRA_- South Fork Area
Folsom Lake SRA_- Lower Lake Natoma Area
Folsom Lake SRA_- Upper Lake Natoma Area
Folsom Lake SRA_- Erosion_Severity of Folsom Lake SRA

Trail User Survey
Part of the RTMP process is to gather input from stakeholders and the public. Public involvement is occurring in several ways. An extensive, year-long, onsite survey of trail users has been completed. The survey questionnaire was developed to assist in characterizing trail use patterns and to gather input from trail users on their experiences and ways that trails could be improved. The survey was implemented at 18 different locations around Folsom Lake SRA. For each location, the survey was implemented two times during each season -  one week day and one weekend day - for a total of eight survey periods for each of the 18 locations. A total of 776 surveys were completed. A link to a report of the results is below. 
Folsom Lake SRA Road & Trail Survey Results
The Folsom Lake SRA Road & Trail Use Survey was conducted from March 2013 – February 2014.
Here are the survey results: Folsom Lake SRA Road and Trail Survey Results  


Focus Group Meetings
Another method to gather public input is through focus group meetings with a variety of stakeholders interested in the Folsom Lake SRA road and trail system. Thus far three focus group meetings have been held with additional meetings to be scheduled. Here are the meeting notes from the meetings that have been held thus far:
Mountain Bike Interests Focus Group Meeting Notes – May 27, 2014
Equestrian Interests Focus Group Meeting Notes – July 1, 2014
Road Cycling and Paved Trail Interests Focus Group Meeting Notes – November 17, 2014

Additional focus group meetings will be scheduled with stakeholders and representatives of the following interest groups:
• Running and Hiking Groups
• Park Neighbors and Community Groups
• Adjacent Cities and Jurisdictions
• Regulatory Agencies


Proposals to change the type of uses permitted on a trail (i.e., proposals to add biking and/or equestrians to a trail) will be evaluated using the process described in the Statewide Programmatic Environmental Impact for Roads and Trails Change-in-Use. Below is a flowchart of this process and the form used to evaluate each proposed change-in-use.
Change-in-Use Process Flowchart  
Change-in-Use Evaluation Form


Posted Order and Trail Maps
The existing system trails within Folsom Lake SRA are designated for specific trail uses. These designations are identified in a Superintendent’s Order. Any proposed change to the use designations for trails as part of the RTMP will be addressed as a change-in-use. Below is a link to the Superintendent’s Order for Trail Use Policy at Folsom Lake SRA and the associated trail maps that reflect these designations.
Superintendent’s Order for Trail Use Policy - 690-002-2015
Trail Map – Lake Natoma
Trail Map – Main Body Folsom Lake
Trail Map - North Fork Arm Folsom Lake
Trail Map - South Fork Arm Folsom Lake

Project Schedule and Next Steps
The RTMP Planning Team is currently completing the change-in-use analyses for trails where a change-in-use has previously been requested. Following completion of these analyses, the planning team will develop draft recommendations for the RTMP. A workshop will be held to review the draft RTMP with the public and receive comments. The final RTMP will be reviewed in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act. The estimated completion date for the Folsom Lake RTMP is July 2016. Below is a link to the current project schedule.
Folsom Lake SRA RTMP Schedule

If you have any questions regarding the Folsom Lake SRA RTMP, contact Jim Micheaels at or (916) 988-0205.