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Sonoma Coast
Junior Lifeguards
June 10 – July 5 (4th observed), 2024
9am – 2pm Weekdays

Sonoma Coast State Park

Login, Create New Account and Adding your Dependents on

Enrollment in the Sonoma Coast Junior Lifeguard Program is done through Each Household must create a profile (account) UNDER THE PARENTS NAME and then add the dependent. The dependent is then selected as the registrant.

Please review the instructions to help with the process.

Step 1: Login or create a NEW account by selecting the “LOGIN” or “CREATE ACCOUNT” button on the top menu.

Step 2: Once logged in, navigate to “your account” on the top menu. A drop down will display, select “YOUR DEPENTENTS”.

Step 3: A page titled “PERSONS should appear, there will be a button “ADD PERSON”, click on this button and the “ADD NEW PERSON” page will appear.

Step 4: On the “ADD NEW PERSON” page, populate the following fields with information about the dependent you are setting up: First Name, Last Name, Birthdate (make sure your dependent meets program age requirement), Relationship (use drop down to select child).

Step 5: Once above information is entered select “ADD DEPENDENT” and you will be brought to the previous page where your new dependent should be listed. You can add more dependents or proceed to enrolling your dependent(s) in the Junior Lifeguard Program.

When we are full, a waiting list will begin. If your child does not pass the swim test, a full refund will be issued.