2022 West Coast Lifeguard Champions Group 10 Time West Coast Surf Lifesaving Champions

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Surf Lifesaving sport has been an important component of professional lifeguarding for several decades. The sport was created to encourage lifesavers to develop, maintain, and improve the essential physical and mental skills needed to save lives in the aquatic environment. The sport also presents an incredible opportunity for lifeguards to promote their professionalism, demonstrate their athletic ability, and share a beach safety culture and positive message through sport and fitness. Each race tests basic skills used by lifeguards every day: swimming, running, paddling, ocean knowledge, rescue techniques, spotting/responding to rescues, and teamwork. The sport challenges even the toughest lifeguards to become better athletes and rescuers. Surf Lifesaving competitions in are generally held throughout the Summer months, with the USLA National Championships being the grand finale each August.

Our team, “Cal State Surf Racing” is comprised of men and women ranging in ages 16 – 75. We are current and former lifeguards for California State Parks and Beaches. Our team is one of the largest and one of the most dominant in the country. Follow us at @calstatesurfracing 

Interested in joining our team? Fill out the Lifeguard Tryout Interest Form and learn here how to become a California State Lifeguard!

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