Whether you are planning a visit to walk among the Southside Ruins at Shasta State Historic Park, or you simply wish the visit them from your home, the files on this page can bring the site to life for you.

The Shasta Ruins: Audio Description files paint pictures of what the town looked like in its glory days as well as what it looks like today. The Story of the Shasta Ruins files tell of the events and people who made this town the Queen of the Northern Mines.

If coming to the park, you may download these audio files in mp3 or wma format and bring them along on your portable media player. Alternatively, you can listen in the comfort of your own home. The script is also available in a PDF format.

Enjoy your visit to the Southside Ruins and Shasta State Historic Park.

Shasta Ruins: Audio Description:
Shasta's Main Street (4:20 min.) (mp3) (wma) (pdf)
Lots 9-12 (2:39 min.) (mp3) (wma) (pdf)
Lots 13-15 (2:13 min.) (mp3) (wma) (pdf)
Lots 16-20 (2:05 min.) (mp3) (wma) (pdf)

The Story of the Shasta Ruins:
Shasta and the Southside Ruins (4:46 min.)  (mp3) (wma) (pdf)
Shasta’s Early Years (4:00 min.) (mp3) (wma) (pdf)
Shasta’s Golden Years (3:58 min.) (mp3) (wma) (pdf)
Shasta’s Decline (2:49 min.)  (mp3) (wma) (pdf)
Creating a State Park (1:42 min.) (mp3) (wma) (pdf)

* To copy the files right mouse click the file type, select the save option, and then selected the location you would like to save the file to.