Special Event Permits are required for any activity that is outside regular park use.

Activities that require Special Event Permits include, but are not limited to: 

  • Use of amplified music
  • Use of PA systems
  • Bands or Disk Jockeys
  • Use of bounce houses
  • Large tents (20'x20' and larger)
  • Outside catering companies or food trucks
  • Any event involving the sale of food or other items
  • Races, tournaments, sports, or other organized competitions
  • Any event where tickets are sold or fees are charged for participants
  • Weddings (not held in Sunkist room, group picnic, or amphitheater)

Special Event Fees and Process:

A completed Special Event Permit and a non-refundable $25.00 fee must be received by the park at least 30 days before the event for the permit to be processed. If the application is filed less than 30 days prior to the event, the filing fee may be increased up to $100. For events that require exclusive use areas, impact normal park use, and involve sporting activities, tournaments, or competitions, an activity fee will be assessed.  Activity fees vary depending on the event size, the number of participants, duration, location, staffing needs, and resource impacts. If there are any special requests or requirements which involve the use of personnel, the permittee will be charged an amount according to the number of hours and classification involved.

Items to be submitted:

1. Special Event Permit Application (DPR246)

2. Special Event Permit Application Supplement (DPR246A)

3. Certificate of Insurance (DPR169A)

4. $25 (non-refundable application fee) payment made payable to the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation

5. Supplemental information, as described below in the "Details to Include" section.

Applications may be submitted via email, U.S. mail, or in person:

For California Citrus State Historic Park Only

Mail to or Visit:

California State Parks
Chino Sector Office
1879 Jackson St.
Riverside, CA 92504


Details to include:

  1. Describe the purpose of the event, location, number of expected guests, hours for set up and take down.
  2. Provide a site plan including the location of any temporary structures, i.e., Easy-ups, Jumpers, tables, etc. Stakes are not allowed; the permittee must use other devices such as water barrels or sandbags.
  3. Provide an emergency access plan. If coordination is made with State Fire Marshall and/or local law enforcement; a California State Park Peace Officer will need to attend.
  4. A list of anything for sale. California State Parks may require payment of 10-25%  gross receipts
  5. Provide a traffic and parking plan.
  6. Identify any requested access to a secured area i.e., driving beyond locked gates. Include a roster of types of vehicles, license plates, and names of drivers.
  7. Depending on the type/size of the event, one or more dumpster(s) and portable restrooms may be required at the permittee’s expense. The location will be determined through consultation with State Park’s management. They must be removed promptly after the event. When parking areas are used for this function, the permittee will pay for all parking spaces utilized.
  8. Please use 169A for proof of insurance, the park you are having your event will be the certificate holder. In the terms and conditions, you will find the requirements of your insurance coverage (see pages 16 & 17 of the DPR246). We unfortunately cannot process special event permits without this form.

For questions, please call (951)780-6222.

Download Special Event forms by selecting the links below:

Special Event Permit

Special Event Permit Supplemental (required for all events)

Liability Insurance Form (required)