Dont Doom the Bloom

Park Rules:

With so many flowers and so many visitors, we have a few rules you need to follow so everyone can enjoy their visit.

• Do not pick the flowers!
• Drones are not permitted in the park.
• Please do not stop or park anywhere that is not a designated parking spot. Emergency vehicles need to be able to come and go as needed.
• All visitors must stay on designated trails/roads. Please do not travel the hills off trail.
• Do not lay / sit / picnic in the flowers, once they are trampled, they are not available for everyone else to enjoy.
• Smoking is prohibited in Chino Hills State Park.
• Vehicles must stay on paved roads at all times.
• Speed limit in the park is 15 MPH unless otherwise posted.
• Be aware of wildlife, especially rattlesnakes!
• Collecting is prohibited – Animals, plants, flowers, rocks, dirt, and artifacts are protected by law and may not be disturbed or collected.
• Dogs are not allowed on trails in the park. They are permitted on Bane Canyon Rd. and at the Rolling M Ranch area.
• Bring water! Drinking water is available for sale at entrance Kiosk where you entered.
• Trash… Pack it in, pack it out.

To view these rules in multiple languages please see the following document: Multi-Language Wildflower Rules

Photography in the park:

Commercial photography is not allwed in the park without a permit. For more information please visit the Filming in Chino Hills State Park Webpage.
This includes but is not limited to stock photography, paid photoshoots, and film or photography for ads or movies.
Personal photography for social media (instagram, tiktok, youtube, facebook, etc....) and personal use is permitted without permits.
Use of drones for photography is not permitted within the park.

Types of flowers you may see:

California Poppy (native)

California Poppy Flower and Leaves

Arroyo Lupine (native)

Arroyo Lupine Flower and Leaves

School Bells (native)

School Bell Flowers and Leaves

Canterbury Bells (native)

Canterbury Bells Flower and Leaves

Black Mustard (invasive)

Black Mustard Flower and Leaves

Wild Radish (invasive)

Wild Radish Flower and Leaves

Safety Tips