Nearby Visitor Attractions

Old Town Eureka, Humboldt Bay Harbor, Clarke Museum, Azalea State Natural Reserve, Little River State Beach, and Sue-meg State Park to the North; Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Avenue of the Giants, Grizzly Creek State Park and the Victorian village of Ferndale to the South.

Nearby Marine Protected Areas

Like state and national parks protect wildlife and habitats on land, marine protected areas (MPAs) conserve and restore wildlife and habitats in our ocean. Under the California Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) passed in 1999, California began a historic effort to establish a science-based, statewide network of MPAs through a collaborative effort that includes the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and California State Parks. 

MPAs contribute to healthier, more resilient ocean ecosystems that can better withstand a wide range of impacts such as pollution and climate change. By protecting entire ecosystems rather than focusing on a single species, MPAs are powerful tools for conserving and restoring ocean biodiversity, and protecting cultural resources, while allowing certain activities such as marine recreation and research.

In the waters near Fort Humboldt State Historic Park, there is one MPA, South Humboldt Bay State Marine Recreational Management Area.