Proud Partnership With Jack’s Surf Shop:

The Crystal Cove Junior Lifeguard program (California State Parks) has established a “Proud Partnership” with Jack’s Surf Shop. All junior lifeguard uniforms will be made available for purchase (generally after Memorial Day weekend) at the Jacks storefront on main street (see maps)

Student REQUIRED Uniform: 

The required Junior Lifeguard uniform is a white t-shirt with the Junior Lifeguard logo and a pair of navy blue “boardshorts”. Female participatnts will require a navy blue swim suit which can be one piece or two-piece (sport style). Navy blue sweatshirts are recommended for warmth on cold mornings and after aquatic activities (and can be purchased at Jacks).

Jr. Lifeguard on the beachOptional Uniform Ite,s

Additional uniforms items (optional) are available for purchase at JACKS Surf Shop. Rashguards do not have to be program logo specific. If you choose not to purchase a Logo hat, then any hat worn at junior guards must be the color navy and NOT HAVE ANY LOGOS on them.

The ocean conditions at Crystal Cove State Park can be challenging. It is HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended that program participants all have a pair of ocean environment swim fins (Dafin, Duck Feet, Yucca, Viper are all good products).

Ocean temperatures as well as personal thresholds to water temperature can be highly variable. Wetsuits are not required by the program but can be used in some activities if desired.