"Fillable Forms" for the Outdoor Equity Grants Program are provided in the links below.

Note:  Please use Firefox or Google Chrome web browser, or clear your browser cache if a form is not working.  If that still does not work, please email your Competitive Project Officer.

Application Form>

Community FactFinder Report Certification

Authorizing Resolution

Grant Scope/Cost Estimate Form - Page 1  

Grant Scope/Cost Estimate Form - Page 2  (If more than five Nature Area Trips are proposed, continue on this page 2.  Carry over the $ amount from line item (1) "Total Cost of Activities in the Community and Nature Area Trips" from page 1, and add that total amount to the top right corner of page 2 to continue the math calculations.  Leave line items (2), (3), and (4) blank on page 1 and fill those line items on the bottom of page 2)  

Funding Sources Form      

Photos and Copyright License Agreement 

Reporting Certification