In an effort to better understand the pace and scale or coastal erosion at San Onofre State Beach, State Parks is partnering with coastal engineers at UC Irvine, data scientists at Surfline, and volunteers to monitor our shoreline. We’ll also be closely monitoring the rock revetment installed to protect the access road to Surf Beach in 2017. This website will be used to share ideas and findings from these monitoring efforts. Check back soon for news and updates!

The approved Shoreline Monitoring Plan for Surf Beach was developed over an 18-month period with input from professional coastal engineers (Moffatt & Nichol and UC Irvine), academics (UC Irvine), data scientists (Surfline), environmental groups (Surfrider), the San Onofre Parks Foundation, and our own departmental leaders in the fields of natural and coastal resources management. Please note the UAS (drone) based monitoring of Surf Beach is pending approval from the US Marine Corp Base Camp Pendleton.

Click here to view our Long-Term Shoreline Management Alternatives Analysis Report for Surf Beach.

What are you noticing at Surf Beach?

State Parks is interested in hearing about what changes you’re observing along the shoreline at Surf Beach. Are you noticing changes in surf conditions at the Point or other locations? Please email the Park with your observations, photos, and videos that help show the changes you see unfolding at our beach.

Interested in volunteering?

From time to time, State Parks needs volunteers to help with our monitoring efforts, including the collection of beach profile data. Beach profiles give us a snap-shot of current conditions and can be compared over time to see patterns of change.

Minimum requirements: Must be a current State Parks Volunteer; ability to walk the beach and wade into shallow waters up to waste deep; no prior survey experience required! If interested in becoming a volunteer at San Onofre State Beach, please contact the District's Senior Environmental Scientist, Riley Pratt.