$20.00 Calendar Year Pass (January - December) - Persons 62 years of age or older are eligible to receive the Limited Use Golden Bear Pass. The pass entitles the holder and spouse or registered domestic partner entry to most California State Park operated units during non-peak season where vehicle day use fees are collected at no charge.


  • A copy of a valid driver license/picture ID, issued by the State or Federal Government, or a current school ID for applicant and spouse or regitered domestic partner if named on the pass. 

    Interim, temporary or expired identification will not be accepted, no exceptions.

Some examples of documents that are and are not accepted: 

CA Driver License
Sample School ID
Example: Sample Passport Example: Interim Driver License - Not Accepted


Valid Driver License


School ID



Not Accepted

Interim Driver License


$20.00 Application Fee

  • Check or money order payable to CA Dept. of Parks and Recreation OR
  • Complete the credit/debit card information portion of the application (online applications)

For accepted payment options and walk-in applications, please contact the Pass Sales Location you plan to visit ahead of time.