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The California State Parks Department has just completed a landscape management plan for the marbled murrelet in Zone 6.  This Plan covers all the lands within the breeding range of the Marbled Murrelet in Zone 6 and not just the State Park lands. This plan was coordinated by California State Parks with the help of the Plan Participants listed below. Working groups addressing specific issues can be found here.

Evidence of nesting has been found in 37 different stands, and total potentially suitable habitat was found to be about 15,000 acres.  Chapters include: Inland Distribution and Detection Numbers, Corvid Predation on Murrelet Nests, Peregrine Falcon Predation of Murrelets, An Evaluation of Noise Impacts on Murrelets, BMPs for Reducing Predation on Murrelet Nests, and Murrelet At-sea Abundance and Productivity.

The Plan is 225 pages long - the quick and easy way to get a more complete overview of the Plan is to read these portions: 

Plan Participants: 

California State Parks
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Including the Office of Oil Spill Prevention and Response
Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District
San Mateo County Parks
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
United States Geologic Service
National Park Service
Big Creek Lumber
Redwood Empire
Center for Biological Diversity
Independent Biologists
Pacific Seabird Group
Elkhorn Slough Foundation
San Mateo County Resource Conservation District
Sempervirens Fund
Cal-Poly Swanton Pacific Ranch

The Marbled Murrelet Landscape Management Plan was funded by a Section 6 Grant from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service administered by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife

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