The Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) is a five-year plan that establishes grant priorities to address unmet needs for public outdoor recreation land throughout California. By adopting this SCORP, California maintains eligibility for federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grants. 

California’s 2021–2025 SCORP includes three reports:

Main Report:

Two Supplemental Reports:


Public Involvement Helped Shape the SCORP

Thirty-seven focus groups involving more than 500 public participants, park and recreation providers, university professors, and health sector professionals, supported a SCORP emphasis on increasing access to parks and recreation services for community health and wellness. Additionally, these reports highlight 20 years of insight gained by State Parks Community Engagement Division's work with approximately 1,000 public agencies and nonprofit organizations that operate over 14,000 parks statewide.

Continuing Bold Steps to Serve Communities and Ensure Natural Area Resiliency

California is home to the country’s first state and national park established in 1864. Since then, an elaborate network of public parkland, beaches, and open space, has become the core of our culture and identity as Californians. With over 40 million people and rising challenges of climate change, California is taking bold steps to create park access in underserved communities and make California’s natural areas more resilient for the benefit of future generations. Together, Californians will advance our state’s environmental and outdoor recreation legacy.


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California's Next SCORP for 2026-2030

To recommend priorities and help shape the vision for California's next SCORP, please email your recommendations to

The SCORP Team welcomes and encourages public input and feedback from health organizations, foundations, universities, and park agencies.

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California's 2021-2025 SCORP

Summary Report of California's 2021-2025 SCORP

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