You can help protect these magical ancient redwood forests.

Visit the park! Soak up as much information and inspiration as you can. If you’ll be coming to Hendy Woods or other California state parks frequently, buy a state parks pass—an excellent way to save money and support state parks.

To volunteer your time to assist visitors at Hendy Woods or other Mendocino area state parks, call the Mendocino Sector Office at (707) 937-5804  or write to Mendocino State Parks, 12301 N. Hwy. 1, Box 1, Mendocino, CA 95460. To volunteer in another California state park, call 916-653-9069 or email the state’s

Support nonprofit groups working on behalf of this park, including Hendy Woods Community, Mendocino Area Parks Association, and Save the Redwoods League. On the League’s website, you can learn about other ways to get involved in redwoods protection—including taking a pledge, entering a photo contest, or becoming a citizen scientist.

More information:

Mendocino State Parks Sector Office
2301 N. Hwy. 1, Box 1
Mendocino, CA 95460