Concessions Program Mission Statement

The purpose of the Concessions Program is to seek involvement and assistance from private and public-sector entities, where appropriate, to provide quality services, programs, and facilities that enhance the convenience, enjoyment, education, and recreational experiences of state park visitors.

The Concessions Program at California State Parks provides a very important part of the park visitor's experience. Concessionaires offer the facilities, services, and goods that the State could not otherwise provide, ranging from traditional food services and campground grocery stores, to equestrian tours and rafting trips. Within the system’s historic parks, concessionaires help the Department achieve its interpretation and education mission by providing historical re-enactments and other enrichment programs. These programs add vitality, interest, and excitement to our fascinating heritage preserved and protected by California State Parks.  See Questions and Answers about Concessions to learn more.

How to become a California State Park Concessionaire
The Department partners with a variety of private business entities, including sole proprietors, corporations, and limited liability companies, through concession contracts to enhance our park visitor recreational and educational experience within California State Parks.  Such opportunities are made available to the public through provisions of the California Public Resources Code, Sections 5080.03 et. seq.  Learn more about becoming a State Parks concessionaire.

Concessions Annual Reports


Laws, Policys and Guidelines Referenced in Concession Contracts

5080.03 et seq. - Concession Law, including Public Resources Code 

PRC 5024 and 5024.5 - Historic resources preservation laws   

PRC 5097 et seq - Laws related to Native American sites and resources  

Natural Resources Policy Department Operations Manual 300 - Department policy and guidelines for natural resource management in California State Parks.

Maintenance of Facilities Policy  Department Operations Manual 0800 is Department policy and guidelines for maintenance in California State Parks.
Cultural Resources Policy - Department policy and guidelines concerning cultural resource management in California State Park is found on this website .

Secretary of the Interior's Guidelines for Historic Preservation 

Access for Visitors with Disabilities


California State Parks Concessions Program wants to hear about your successful partnership collaboration.  We hope to include success stories of potential benefit to other partners to inspire innovation in the delivery of enhanced park visitor services.  You may send suggestions to 

Park Unit Websites

Have you checked your park unit website lately?  Does it contain information about your products and services and/or a link to your own business website?  If not, we encourage you to initiate a discussion with your local district office to make park visitors aware of the services and amenities available to them when they visit the park.