Progress Report
Outlines accomplishments from the Transformation effort. Details on specific initiatives and projects are highlighted.

Transformation Initiatives and Projects
Provides information on the Transformation Team structure, including breakdown of committees and assignments. The purpose of these documents is to provide a centralized document for tracking Transformation effort planning and progress in order to provide transparency into the Transformation effort approach.

Transformation Action Plan
Outlines strategic goals and priority initiatives for State Parks. The Transformation Action Plan closely follows the Parks Forward final report’s four basic themes, such as making fundamental changes to State Parks, enhancing partnerships, expanding park access, and garnering stable and diversified funding. April 2015

Leadership Meeting Materials
Material that was presented and discussed among 180 department leaders, including success stories, revenue enhancements, team building and legislative updates. The three-day meeting was a rounding success, giving State Parks’ leaders an opportunity to share ideas and feedback with each other and the executive staff.

Findings and Recommendations of the Partnerships Committee

Organizational Structure Opportunities Project
Outlines State Park’s efforts to elevate and strengthen the programs and services it provides to the public.  Learn more about this department-led effort at

News Releases

Transformation Tuesday Messages: Parks Blog