The interpretation of our natural and cultural history in the California State Park system is an important opportunity and a lot of fun.  You will meet many other enthusiastic volunteers who share your interests in nature, in educating the public, and in enjoying the outdoors.

Rancho del Oso volunteers attend a four-week training session to become docent naturalists skilled in interpreting the natural and cultural history of the area.  Rancho del Oso docents lead guided walks, go on Wilderness Patrol provide roving naturalist duty and host the Nature and History Center and Ranger Station.

Rancho del Oso volunteers help visitors make discoveries and connections in the park.


-Park volunteers have fun and contribute to the inspiration, education, and enjoyment of our visitors.
-Rancho del Oso docents meet people with common interests and make friends in a beautiful outdoor setting.
-They connect people with nature.
-Learning opportunities abound, not only during the initial docent training but also in ongoing field excursions and educational enrichment classes.
-Our volunteers enjoy a strong sense of giving to the community, of educating our visitors, and of protecting this unique place.
-Greeting visitors at the Nature and History Center and Ranger Station is an important part of being a volunteer.

If you are interested in sharing your interests in nature, in educating the public, and in enjoying the outdoors, we want to hear from you!   Join our family of naturalists and enjoy the many benefits of being a volunteer at Rancho del Oso – Big Basin Redwoods State Park!

If you are interested in participating in our next training, please complete the volunteer form below. You can also contact the parks Interpreter at the Rancho del Oso Nature and History Center at (831) 427-2288, or email at to get a quick application form.