volunteer helping plant milkweedDo you enjoy nature and being outdoors? Do you wish to give to the community, promote conservation and stewardship, and share knowledge with others? You can join the volunteers at Natural Bridges State Beach. Volunteers go through a training program and are trained to interpret the natural and cultural history of the park and in general contribute to the inspiration, education and enjoyment of park visitors. Volunteer and discover how giving 6 hours a month can make a difference! 

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Volunteer Training takes place three times per year at Natural Bridges State Beach.
Natural bridges is famous for its tidepools and monarch butterflies, and is located within the boundaries of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Volunteers lead public and school group tours, and educate park visitors about the natural inhabitants and habitats at the park. Volunteers can also assist in the visitor center and ParkStore. Docent training classes are held three times per year and focus on the marine environment in the spring, visitor center in the summer, and monarch butterfly preserve in the fall.  

Spring volunteer training begins in March with a focus on the ocean and shore and tidepool life.
New volunteers learn about the natural history of the marine environment during a series of 8 training classes. Graduates of the docent naturalist training volunteer 6 hours per month to host the visitor center, lead guided tours and walks, and assist with educational programs and events at the park.

Summer volunteer training is a one day training in August. 
This training introduces volunteers to the park and focuses on visitor center exhbits and how to assist in the ParkStore. This position is excellent for someone who enjoys interacting with people and telling the main stories of the park. 

Fall volunteer training begins in September with a focus on the monarch butterfly grove
Each fall, Natural Bridges State Beach prepares for the annual return of migratory monarch butterflies. The beautiful orange and black monarchs attract local visitors, schoolchildren and tourists from around the world. Docents learn about the fascinating biology of the monarch and its migration to share what they have learned with park visitors on public tours, walks, and reserved group tours.

For questions, contact NaturalBridges@ports-ca.us. For information about volunteering and to apply at other state parks in the Santa Cruz District or across the state, visit our Volunteer Portal