Geographic Information System (GIS) Tools (additional GIS tools are being developed):

  • California State Parks Community Fact Finder 
    This web-based tool combines mapping and demographic data to calculate the total population, median household income, number of people below poverty, and ratio of park acres per 1,000 residents within a chosen radius of any project location in California.

  • Find Recreation - A Park Locator
    This easy to use, interactive map allows you to search for camping facilities, trails and open-space recreation opportunities from the smallest neighborhood park to the largest national park.

  • California Protected Areas Database (CPAD)
    This database was used to create the "Find Recreation" website.  The database is an inventory of all land in California that is protected in fee ownership primarily for open-space use.  It includes everything from small urban parks to large national parks, wildlife refuges, regional and county parks and preserves, some land trust holdings, state parks, trust lands and forests - over 950 agencies own the 49 million acres of land in the CPAD inventory.

Recreational Plans and Reports

  • Central Valley Vision Webpage
    In 2003, California State Parks began work on a long-term Central Valley Vision to develop a strategic plan for State Pakrs expansion in the Central Valley.  In 2009, the Department completed the Central Valley Vision Implementation Plan.  Central Valley Implementation Plan 2009.

  • Recreation Proposal for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Suisun Marsh
    This proposal recommends expanding the network of state recreation areas in the Delta and Suisun Marsh, including units of the California State Parks system and other state outdoor recreation lands and programs.  See our Delta Recreation Proposal page.

  • California Recreational Trails Plan 2002
    This California Trails Plan (Phase One) identifies 12 trail-related goals and lists general action guidelines designed to reach those goals.  These 12 goals and their action guidelines will direct the future actions of the Department's Statewide Trails Office regarding trail programs both within the State Parks System and in its wider, statewide and national roles.

  • California Recreational Trails Plan - 2011 Progress Report's Executive Summary
    The California Recreational Trails Plan was first completed in 1978 and updated in 2002.  The California Recreational Trails Act, in PRC Section 5070.7, requires that the Director of California State Parks prepare and submit a report that highlights progress on the plan to the Legislature every two years.

  • California's Recreation Policy 2005
    This comprehensive policy is directed at recreation providers at all service levels: federal, state, and local agencies and special districts; private suppliers; and quasi-public or nonprofit organizations.  It is intended that all suppliers of park facilities and recreation opportunities will be guided by California's Recreation Policy as they work to provide the high quality recreaton experiences Californians have come to expect and which they deserve.

  • California's Wetland Organiations and Joint Ventures Listing (updated December 2013)
    A number of California organizations and public/private partnerships ("joint ventures") focus on wetlands.  This listing includes links to plans and policies for various organizations regarding wetlands.  Each Joint Venture has a planning document that guides its conservation efforts and identifies goals for habitat conservation.  Wetland protection, restoration and enhancement play a prominent role in each Joint Venture's conservation work.