Enrollment Instructions

Enrollment Instructions:

Step 1:  Parent/guardian will need to create an account with Reserve California.

               - https://www.reservecalifornia.com

Step 2:  Once logged in, parent/guardian must add 'Dependent/s' under their profile. The dependent is who will be registered for the Junior Guard program.

          * See instructions below on how to create a Dependent.

Step 3: Search for the desired session on Reserve CA, then complete the online registration and make payment.

* If you already have an account with Reserve CA, disregard Steps 1 & 2, and go directly to Step 3 once you are logged on to your Reserve CA profile. 

* You can find direct links to the sessions and tryouts on the "Session Information" and "Tryout Information" tabs on the right.

* If you choose to search directly on the Reserve CA website for a session you will need to select a specific date in the search bar to find the desired session. 


Follow these steps to add Dependents once you have created a log-in with Reserve California: