Youth Aide "Assistant" Program

Youth Aide Program

Prospective Youth Aides must pass a COMPETITIVE physical test consisting of the following:
 (Wetsuits are allowed, expect the water to be cold)

Jr Lifeguard image
  • 500 yard open water swim.

            - Time limit of 10 minutes.

  • A continuous 100 yard run, 200 yard swim, 100 yard run. (R-S-R)

            - Time limit of 10 minutes.

  • Qualification appraisal interview (dates and times will be assigned)
  • Successful completion of Silver Strand Youth Aide Training.

2023 Qualification/ Requalification Swim & Training:

Swim & Training: Sunday, May 7th, 8:00am - 4:00pm

          *Swim is required for both new and returning Aides. Swim at 8:00am, followed by Training if successful completion of swim.



- All minors are required to have a parent/guardian present for the swim test. 

- Online registration as a "Junior Guard Assistant" will need to be completed prior to Training. 

       -Link will be posted on this page on opening day of JG Registration

       - Free of charge

- Swim and Training is MANDATORY in order to be a Youth Aide this summer. 


If you are interested in becoming a Youth Aide, or returning to our program as a Youth Aide, please email us at as soon as possible. We will send out more details on how to register online through Reserve CA, as well as information on our 2023 Swim & Training weekend. 

Job Requirements

- Be 15-17 years of age, with 2 sessions of Junior Guard experience.

- Commit to one Session of Junior Lifeguards and attend the pre-season trainings.

 * It is imperative that new and returning Junior Guard Youth Aides attend the pre-season trainings. We understand that many of you are very involved in other sports, academics, and have other obligations during the spring and summer. Please try your best to attend our trainings. This position requires specialized knowledge and ability that we wish to teach and help improve in order to ensure the safety of all participants and Youth Aides in our program. 

- Volunteer your time to gain community service hours. 

- Complete a minimum of 10 hours of tower shadowing, per session.

* We will allow Youth Aides to shadow towers after 2pm and on busy weekends with lifeguard approval and when beach operations allows. 

- Assist in any aquatic rescue or minor medical aides. 

- Promote teamwork and support our youth in physical activities.

- Be a positive role model for all Junior Lifeguards!