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  1. You must pass a COMPETITIVE swimming test consisting of the following:
     ( Yes, wetsuits are allowed: expect the water to be about 60 degrees)
    Jr Lifeguard image
    • 1,000 yard open water swim.
      • Time limit of 20 minutes.
    • A continuous 200 yard run, 400 yard swim, 200 yard run.
      • Time limit of 10 minutes.
  2. Qualification appraisal interview (March 11th 2017)
  3. Successful completion of SSSBJG Youth Aide Training.

    2017 TRAINING DATES -SATURDAYS IN MAY (6th, 7th, 13th and 20th) from 0800-1600

Job Requirements

  1. Commit to one Session of Junior Lifeguards and attend the pre season trainings.
  2. Complete all required tasks such as setting up and cleaning up at the beginning and end of each day, and do it with a good attitude.
  3. Get hired as a state park volunteer. (We do give community service hours)
  4. Complete a minimum of 10 hours of tower shadowing, per session.
  5. Assist in any aquatic rescue or medical aides that are required.
  6. Work as a team at all times.
  7. Be a positive role model for all Junior Lifeguards!


Junior Lifeguards ages 14-17 with 2 years JG experience.

Saturday, March 4th 

Tryouts will start @ 0900 be there early to sign paperwork.

Silver Strand State Beach Lifeguard Headquarters

Picture I.D. is REQUIRED on the day of the swim test. All minors are required to have a parent or guardian PRESENT on the day of the swim test for swim test waiver signature.