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Silver Strand State Beach Junior Lifeguards is a four week ocean and safety interpretation program for children ages 9-16.

The program runs from 9:00 in the morning until 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Our Program is coordinated by actual California State Lifeguard Instructors who are trained in beach safety and in most cases were junior guards themselves. It is for this reason that when you enroll your child into JG's you can rest assured that he or she is under the best care.

While in the program, your son or daughter will learn how to Surf, boogie board, and body surf while riding some of the best waves in California. They will also learn skills necessary to perform CPR and administer First Aid.

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Because the program takes place on the beach, proper ocean etiquette as well as safety is taught so as to make them confident in the beach environment. These skills will be honed so that hopefully as they get older and more confident, they will decide to join the ranks of the California State Lifeguards.

What’s Surf Fitness?


Surf fitness is a one week program that focuses on improving fitness and leaning to surf and recreate safely in the ocean. During the week we work on the surfing fundamentals and learn about the ocean and its conditions.

Mandatory Uniform:


Navy blue trunks with JG patch (on front, lower left hand side), JG T-shirt, JG Rashguard

Navy blue suit with patch (on front, lower left hand side), JG T-Shirt, Rashguard

*Optional Items:
Sweatshirt, Tonga Hat, Backpack


The Silver Strand State Junior Lifeguards conduct swim tryouts to insure that your son or daughter qualify to enroll in the program.

The course involves the following tests that must be passed in order to qualify to become a Junior Lifeguard:

1. Pass a 100 yard swim test


Time Limits:

2:45 Minutes (Ages 9-11)

2:25 Minutes (Ages 12-13)

2:05 Minutes (Ages 14-16)

2. Tread water for 3 minutes

3. 10 yard underwater swim

Be sure to bring a swim suit and googles!


Silver Strand State Beach

5000 Hwy. 75

Coronado CA. 92118

Bayside near tower 9

Call (619) 424-3632 for more information

Program Fees:

We only accept checks for  uniform items.

Junior Lifeguards:

$340.00 per child/session.

$315.00 each additional child in family.

Surf Fitness:

$115.00 per session.

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A Typical Fun Day!

While at JG's, your day will begin with our Youth Aides getting you in your squads and stretching you for the daily workout. The workout usually consist of a run to one of the State lifeguard towers followed by a swim out to one of the two JG buoys. These workouts make you strong and condition you to get in shape for activities, competions, and outside sports programs. When you have completed the daily workout, you will return to the prescribed JG area and prepare for the lecture of the day.

Lecture topics include beach and ocean safety topics, first aid and CPR. When the lecture ends, JG's are given a period of time to enjoy their lunch or play in the surf.

In the afternoon,the instructors collect the kids together and have them participate in an activity of either their choosing or that of the instructors. Activities range from beach flags and paddle relays to capture the flag and dodge ball. Soon after, kids are excused and allowed to go home until they meet again the next day.