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Dowdy Entrance

The Dowdy Ranch entrance is open for the season as of Saturday May 5th.

Dowdy Ranch Entrance is typically open on Saturdays, Sundays, and Monday Holidays through Labor Day.  Due to low visitation, Dowdy will be closed on Fridays.

     Saturday and Sunday the entrance is open from 10am to 6pm.  

All other days of the week Dowdy Ranch Entrance is closed and the Bell's Station gate by Hwy 152 will be closed.

The Visitor Center hours will vary depending on staffing levels.

The road to Dowdy Ranch Entrance will only be open during operating hours. Any day use vehicles parked in the Dowdy parking lot after 6pm can be ticketed and locked in overnight.  Hours are subject to change based on road conditions, extreme temperatures, staffing levels or visitor attendance.    Be aware this entrance is at the end of a 7 mile dirt road.

The Dowdy Ranch/Bell's Station entrance is located off Highway 152, five miles east of the 152/156 Interchange at the Bell's Station Restaurant Road, located on the north side of Highway 152. Turn left and proceed seven miles over unpaved gravel road to the Dowdy Ranch Park entrance.  For hiking maps for the Dowdy Entrance please go to the Maps page. 

Location: 37.112289, -121.356932


Check details on the Pine Ridge Associations website page for Dowdy at Dowdy Ranch Entrance  In addition to information on the Dowdy Ranch Entrance link, Dowdy entrance is open on Monday holidays during the operation season.  For 2017, Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend the entrance is open on Monday also.  This entrance is open Friday through Sunday during operating hours listed on our Cooporating Association website.  The gate at Bell's Station and at the Visitor Center will be locked every night so there is no nightime access. There is no parking allowed on Kaiser-Aetna road.

Note: Staffing is limited at Dowdy Ranch Visitor Center which can cause the Bell's Station Gate to be opened later in the morning usually 9am.  If the Visitor Center is closed you must self-register using the "Self Registration & Fee Payment" envelopes provided.  Display the completed permit on the dashboard of your vehicle.

The Dowdy Ranch Entrance does not have any developed camping facilities available.  You can leave your car overnight if you register to backpack, bicycle, or horse camp at least 1/2 mile beyond Dowdy Ranch Day Use Area.  If you leave your vehicle for an extended period of time you will not be able to leave the park until the entrance facility is open.  Dogs are not allowed beyond the Day Use Area and are not allowed on trails. 

Weather conditions at this entrance vary throughout the year.  During the dry season temperatures may reach over 100 degrees Farenheight.  Creeks and springs in the area are seasonal and most dry up causing water sources to become unreliable.  Please be prepared for hot weather by carrying enough water and food for your visit.  For local weather conditions go to NOAA Spot Forcast for Dowdy Ranch Entrance