For Park and Recreation Providers

Tried and True documentWhether working at the grass-roots level or at the highest level of management at a respected, non-profit
park and recreation organization--there comes a time when having the skills to serve as spokesperson for your park and recreation organization becomes an absolute necessity.  That is where this publication comes in - to help you fill this role!  You can click on the cover of the publication to open the entire document or scroll below for the summary and chapter sections.

2 page Summary

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For speedy connections (74 pages, 684kb, pdf)

Chapter 1- Strategic Communications Planning (5 pages, 183 kb, pdf)
Chapter 2- Public Relations Basics (19 pages, 292kb, pdf)
Chapter 3- Grabbing and Keeping Media Attention (7 pages, 68kb, pdf)
Chapter 4- Electronic Media (5 pages, 73kb, pdf)
Chapter 5- Advertising and Marketing (5 pages, 175kb, pdf)
Chapter 6- Evaluating Public Realtions and Advertising (2 pages, 27kb, pdf)
Appendices- Glossary, Bibliography, Resources (13 pages, 82kb, pdf)