By Lynda Smith Hoggan

There are several options for cooking while camping. Most campground sites have a campfire grill for cooking over a wood fire. Some dense foods (such as potatoes) can be double wrapped in foil and cooked right next to the flame (the double wrapping helps to prevent burning; it becomes soot covered from the fire, but the outer layer can then be removed to leave a clean, warm, wrapped potato). Pots placed above the flame will become soot covered unless covered with foil, or in some cases you can eliminate a pot and cook directly on foil. Soy replacements for meat are precooked and require little additional cooking.

Some camp sites provide a separate grill for cooking over charcoal, just as for many home barbecues. Many campers also use a campstove, usually powered by propane. Of course, RVs often feature a stove. It’s really a matter of personal choice whether to cook over a fire, over charcoal, or on a stove.

But however you choose to store and cook your food, the options for healthy, delicious eating are limitless. Experience and enjoy!

Girls Cooking