By Lynda Smith Hoggan

Most campers want to have a source for chilling drinks as well as perishable foods. This can be a cooler with ice, a refrigerator that plugs into a car, or a fridge in an RV. Replacement ice can usually be purchased at neighborhood markets, campground stores and gas stations. Blocks of ice last longer than cubed or crushed ice. Some campers prefer to use dry ice, which lasts longer but cannot be placed in direct contact with food, such as ice in drinks.

The foods in these recipes that require cold storage include any dairy products, such as milk, soy milk and cheese; other soy products such as soy cheese, bacon, sausage or chorizo; eggs and egg substitute; heart-healthy margarine; and hummus. Fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs will stay fresher if refrigerated especially in warmer-climate campgrounds.

Girls Prepping Food