City of West Sacramento and California State Parks CIHC Master Agreement

Master Agreement -- June 2008
CIHC Master Agreement Amendment July 2010

NOTE: On July 7, 2010 the Master Agreement was amended to include an extension of the timeframe anticipated for completion of the various phases of CIHC planning and development. Amendment 1 targets adoption of the General Plan by December 31, 2011

CIHC Vision Document and Concept Master Plan

Developing Vision -- September 2007

Concept Master Plan -- March 2008

CIHC General Plan

Final General Plan & Environmental Impact Report –- July 2011

For more about the General Planning processes and various steps take you can visit the CIHC General Planning website

CIHC Business Plan

The California State Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) retained AECOM (formerly ERA), to develop a business plan for the California Indian Heritage Center (CIHC) addressing governance, approaches to fundraising, and financial feasibility. (December 2010)
CIHC Business Plan

CIHC Enabling Legislation

Senate Bill 2063
Senate Bill 1264