What artifacts can be found at the State Archaeological Collections Research Facility in West Sacramento? This is a clay tobacco pipe with Irish motifs that was found in an archaeological deposit in Old Town San Diego. Excavated and reported upon by Dr. Peter D. Schulz, the pipe bears the numeral "98" and the name Wolfe Tone as well as Erin and the Hibernian Harp. The drawing seen below was done by Thad Van Bueren. The photo of the artifact was done by Lydia Carpenter.

The reference is to the ill-fated uprising of 1798 in which Wolfe Tone, leader of the Society of United Irishman was captured by the British and sentenced to death. It is probable that this pipe was actually made around 1898 for the centenary of the uprising based on the fact that it was found in an early 20th century trash deposit. The Society of United Irishman was notable in that it encompassed both Catholics and Protestants in its membership as Irish patriots rejecting the British rule over Ireland. Indeed, Wolfe Tone himself was a Protestant.