Current CSP Employees

Enrollment is handled through the Employee Management Training System (ETMS). Please log in to the ETMS, click on Training Schedule, and Sign-up. For more information about the ETMS, you may view the ETMS Help Files by click on the tab on the right.

Attendance Costs

A program fee which includes instructional materials and accommodation costs may be charged to training participants sponsored by other agencies. A partial payment is required as a non-refundable registration fee. Cost figures are available by contacting the Mott Training Center. Full payment may be made in advanced or agencies can be billed at the conclusion of the program.

Special Program Offering

Training programs can be designed and conducted to meet an agency's specialized training needs. Agencies can contract singly or jointly for many of the programs listed in the catalog. Minor modifications can be arranged to tailor programs to meet specific agency needs in cases where most or all of those attending are non-DPR. For more information on special program offerings, contact the Department Training Officer.


When a scheduled participant must be canceled from a program, the supervisor should notify the district or office Training Coordinator immediately. He or she will determine if an alternate nominee is available, and will notify the Training Section. If unable to identify an alternate, the Training Specialist assigned to the course will contact other offices, and will offer the available space. If it becomes necessary to cancel a scheduled participant, please do so as soon as possible. Late cancellations are costly, and should be made only under unavoidable circumstances. Registration fees are not refundable to non-department participants.

Non-Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) Participants

In most programs, space is available to employees from other resource departments and public agencies. California State Parks feel that such interagency cooperation creates an enriched learning environment. Agencies wishing to nominate employees to any program listed in this catalog should submit a copy of the Enrollment Application to the Mott Training Center. Information regarding program scheduled and space is available by telephone, or by writing to the address on the application. Space is limited, so please apply as soon as possible. Refer to the program description for any prerequisites or special attendance requirements.

Print and complete the Outside Agency Participant Registration Form
DPR023.pdf  or DPR023.xls then mail or fax to:

William Penn Mott Jr. Training Center
PO Box 699
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
FAX:  (831) 649-2824