Deer in natureThe Habitat Conservation Fund allocates approximately $2 million each year to seven unique categories. Eligible projects include: nature interpretation programs to bring urban residents into park and wildlife areas, protection of various plant and animal species, and acquisition and development of wildlife corridors and trails.


Next Anticipated Application Due Date: June 2025

Amount Available: TBD

Maximum Grant Request: No minimum or maximum

Match Requirement: Dollar for dollar

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are seven sub-program categories, each is further explained in the HCF Category Chart and Application Guides below.

HCF Category Chart

HCF Application Guides

Fillable HCF Application Forms:

  1. Authorizing Resolution Form

  2. Cost Estimate Match Form

  3. CEQA Compliance Certification Form

  4. Acquisition Schedule Form

  5. Corps Consultation Form


Grant Payment Forms:

     All Payment Forms Combined , includes these individual forms:

Provide a sample timesheet if seeking reimbursement for in-house employee services.

Project Completion Certification Form (Final payment only)

Funding Sources Form (Final payment only, if sources/amounts change from original submission)

Press Release - 2024

Press Release - 2023

Press Release - 2019

HCF Program Funded Projects (Fiscal Years 1990/1991 through 2022/2023)

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